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  1. No more ESS...

    My uncles 2019 911 needs a charger. But he puts 20 miles a week on it. I agree, these JLU should not need this.
  2. No more ESS...

    I have several around the house. Gonna throw one on today. Thanks.
  3. No more ESS...

    So the EVIC indeed says charging battery. Guess I'll head to the dealer. Didn't realize the evic would have that detail. Should not have a bad battery so soon. It's a daily driver, charging shouldn't be an issue. Thanks to all for the input.
  4. No more ESS...

    Could be. We are first responders so our work has not ceased. Thabks for the ideas, I'll try them.
  5. No more ESS...

    13,000 my on my 3.6 2019 jlu four-door. It's my wife's daily driver. I've noticed now for a while that the ESS does not kick on...ever. I don't like it, admittedly, but I want the engine to work as designed. Battery shows 14v on the dash so it's charging okay. The bypass switch is not...
  6. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    How about FCA or whatever they're called now focus on issues we have with the current production engineer.
  7. Oil filter cap fell apart

    So only me of course. I dropped the oil filter cap on my garage floor and it fell apart. Cap, filter retainer thing and a spring. It doesn't look broken. Put spring in first, then pushed the plastic retainer thing over it and into retaining clips. Finished oil change fired up engine. Pressure...
  8. bad camshaft and rocker arms

    Yeah, from my experiences I will never buy an FCA product again. I'm up for a new work truck, wanted a Ram all decked f'ing way.
  9. bad camshaft and rocker arms

    Find a rental car? You mean they're providing one right?
  10. bad camshaft and rocker arms

    Would you mind posting your work sheet from the srvc department? I'd love to see the technical stuff they wrote. That way I have more knowledge when I take mine to dealer 2. Thanks
  11. Trashed paint in 1 trip.

    Ceramic coats are a joke. They should be selling them as "protection".
  12. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Why do you mean by service the rear end? Did they drain and fill? What did this servc cost?
  13. Teraflex ST2 2.5 inch lift issue

    Seems like a lot of caster. Everything I've seen says 6 +/- 1 degree. How's the front drive shaft angle? Also, if your front UCA are adjustable I think you can just extend them to get a lower angle of caster.
  14. 18" wheels and 35's, stock spare carrier ok?

    I don't think the extra inch of wheel changes the overall OD on the package. Pretty sure your concern is just whether a 35 tire will fit. Putting an 18 wheel doesn't make it a 36" tire package you know what I mean? I have 17 fuel wheels with 285/75r17 Grapplers and it fits fine. Those are...
  15. Fifth Gear says Wrangler sucks

    Never heard of them.
  16. The future of the Wrangler Jeep

    You sure you're non partisan ? Lol