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  1. Engine Died

    Will there be a viewing?
  2. Freedom top storage?

    Is it easy to remove for winter if you wish to go back to hard tops.
  3. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    It's gonna be an awesome color for the ladies!
  4. Super simple way to disable stop-start

    So can you push the off button after the system checks are over? Is it then disabled?
  5. Super simple way to disable stop-start

    So cant you hit off before you put it in gear?
  6. JLUR Manual Transmission Problems

    Never get work done on 420! Did the tech share his weed?
  7. Jeep Wave Program Questions

    Best part is they put in an extra quart of synthetic FOR FREE!!
  8. Not using ESS feature anymore... Here's why

    Unreal. If you dont like it just hit the button or buy the Stop and Fart or Taser if you are too weak to reach the button
  9. SiriusXM Guardian™ subscription???

    Didn't you have to pay extra for remote start?
  10. 3.6L ESS IBS Information

    @Jebiruph is the battery wiz here! :handsinair:
  11. JL - 2 door diecast models (toys) now on eBAY

    They STILL dont have Off Road pages.
  12. Newbie tire question