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  1. Roof rack for Surfboard

    Thanks Marc. Have you looked into Exposed Racks? That seems to be the go-to recommendation around here for soft tops:
  2. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    I'll give them a call, thanks.
  3. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Couple other questions: Is the company still taking a long time to ship Does this work with the Bestop automatic roof? Do the OEM bolts still suck, and do you still need to pickup your own HEX bolts to make this thing work?
  4. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Dang that looks so good! On their site, there are only two kayak accessories, a kayak "center mount" and a kayak "offset" mount. Is this what you mean? Is that the only additional thing I need to buy?
  5. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Thanks for this review many years ago. I am going to be buying an exposed rack for my 2-door soft top. I was planning on getting the "click-in" bar, not the solid cross-bar. Is that the right move? This here: Also...
  6. No Drill: DeeZee vs Exposed Racks Opinions?

    The DeeZee racks are only for the 4-doors, correct?
  7. California Need surfboard rack for 2020 Rubicon

    Great call, thanks. This looks like a good fit. I think I would get the soft top "click-in" roof rack, and not the solid crossbar, correct? What other accessories outside of the soft top click-in roof rack would I...
  8. Soft Top Surfboard Racks?

    Picking up a '21 2-door soft top soon. Is there a recommended soft top surfboard rack most members use?
  9. California Need surfboard rack for 2020 Rubicon

    Bumping this up. Can you do a rhino rack with a soft top?
  10. SUP/Surfboard roof rack options???

    Bumping up an old thread. Looking for a surf rack for a 2-door 2021 JL soft top. Are hitchmount racks still the way to go?
  11. Roof rack for Surfboard

    Hey MarcDM - thanks so much for this post last year. I am currently facing a similar situation that you were facing. I have a 2021 2-door wrangler coming, and I'm looking for surfboard rack options. The one difference, is that I have a soft top not a hard top. Two questions for you: 1.) Are...
  12. Has Jeep Production Completely Stopped?

    Can you screenshot the email? Haven't heard any day this yet but you.
  13. Received this email from Jeep regarding my JLUR ordered on 6/19 - should I trust this date?

    Did you buy something high price / fully loaded? That seems quite fast in this environment. I got a sport-S pretty bare bones at 7% under invoice, approximately $36k, and the wait time starting June 15th is 4 months.
  14. Should I Bail On My Custom Order?

    Have they ever emailed everyone with a custom order before, or is this the first time? Very curious to hear if they are setting low expectations, or if they truly think it's gonna take another 3 months when it should have already been delivered.
  15. Should I Bail On My Custom Order?

    That's a good idea. I mean in this market I'll probably have to pull the trigger within hours but I get your point.
  16. Should I Bail On My Custom Order?

    Great point. It doesn't really solve the problem if there's no inventory anywhere. There are a few but it's extremely light inventory atm.