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  1. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    It is not 4wd there is only 1 power wheel per axel. And in snow unless you have the LSD rear when one wheel loses traction the other wheel is dead. This is why Wranglers are not very good in snow on the roads unlike so many all wheel drive cars. Do not be fooled by the term 4WD the Wrangler is...
  2. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    I have the soft top and the Bestop 2-peice soft doors that fit easily in the bed of the jeep I can go from neked to fully enclosed in less than 5 minutes without any heavy lifting and can drive highway speeds no problem From this To this
  3. Jeep Releases Mopar 2" Lift Kit For Wrangler 4xe

    NO ONE is claiming 2" or more on a 4xe, Yes non 4xe Rubicons do get about 2" and Non 4xe Sahara's up to 3 inches. There is a Facebook forum dedicated to 4XE lifts that will also support the 1" only on the 4xe Rubicon. Anyone with a 4xe telling you they got 2" or more are telling you fish...
  4. Jeep Releases Mopar 2" Lift Kit For Wrangler 4xe

    No one is getting 3", however Sahra's will get about 2". because the Rubicon is an inch higher from the factory that ate up your other 1". Frankly the Mopar 2" at only 1" of lift is a collosal waste of $$$ and frankly a gross misrepresentation from mopar calling it a 2" lift. That 1" you did...
  5. Rubicon 4xe: any plans for lift and/or bigger tires?

    So I have done this lift. First the Fox 2.0 Shocks are only $550 at Northridge as a set. Get the Teraflex ST1 it has the longer bump stops included. Your will need the sway bar links and a track bar otherwise your front springs will lean a bit. Then you are good to go. for about $900 and have...
  6. Rubicon 4xe: any plans for lift and/or bigger tires?

    Your should be good to go. Installs like any other. However being a 4xe I would install adjustable front lower control arms as your caster will be off a bit. That will get your geometry back to stock.
  7. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    You answered your own questions, for someone that will not be rock crawling or hard core of road there is NO need for a Rubicon. In FACT the Sahara with the optional Limited Slip DIff out perform the Rubicon in most off road conditions as the Rubicon Lockers cannot be used full time as well they...
  8. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Sell on Craigslist $1000-$1500
  9. Lightsout 4xe Build

    I considered a lot of wheels... The one task I hate most is cleaning wheels, these are the easiest I have EVER had and they stay clean. So many wheels have nooks and crannies that hold dirt and a bitch to clean, not these.
  10. Lack the strength to mount tires

    I use a mechanics Creeper from Harbor Freight $34 it hold the tires perfectly I then jack the car to align and since it moves in all directions tires go on effortlless, plus it is a great creeper I used for installing my lift and doing periodic inspection and re-torqueing. Used for 33's-37's...
  11. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Thanks, seems like it is never ending, Now doing the flat tow setup as we just purchased a new Tiffin Diesel Pusher and heading to MOAB when it cools down. Leaving for 118F heat in Phoenix to pick her up Friday.
  12. Lightsout 4xe Build

    All of the above. It is high gloss but most of all it protects from scratching and rock chips. We do a lot of narrow trails or Forest Service roads that are dirt/gravel and overgrown in early summer. The film is damn near bulletproof, but if it does get scratched it is self healing. I have...
  13. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Had the wrangler Wrapped in PPF (Paint Protection Film) which requires removing all the decals. Here are new decals from Pixel Decals I replaced the Rubicon Hood with my Own design black on black
  14. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Installed Mopar Brake controller. It replaces the Cig lighter on the upper console. Easy DIY Plug and play.
  15. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Here are a few lighting upgrades Hood: 30" Rough Country Black Series LED Bar twin Auxbeam 4" Side Shooter Cubes Bumper: 16" Auxbeam Bar 5" AMBER Bars
  16. 4xe Lift Kit?

    I do not recall the # your dealer should know it was also my understanding the old part# we all recalled.
  17. EAG Matrix Tube Half Doors Review (with Pics)

    I have never used the hinge bolts and do not plan too. So I cannot tell you. I do not even use the hinge bolts on my stock doors anymore.
  18. EAG Matrix Tube Half Doors Review (with Pics)

    Agreed. I have had mine nearly 2.5 years now and they still look like new and I run them all summer they have been through rain her in the PNW as well as Saltwater environment. The EAG doors are a solid build.
  19. Rubicon 4xe: any plans for lift and/or bigger tires?

    What would there be to aligning there is no alignment outside of axle side to side which is done with the adjustable track bar (not included in Mopar kit). and the included lower front LCA is a extended fixed length so no adjustment there. I see people getting charged for alignment when they...