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  1. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    Sure they can. 1. If they have updated their machines as the update just came out (albeit without this new news on the same part # for 2 different sensors) 2. If they know what to program to. The issue is if Jeep truly has the same part number for the two different sensors then no programmable...
  2. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    So we just found out from someone and it would explain some of these issues. There is A 9096AB sensor that is definitely a Schrader made sensor that is a 29057. Those folks are not having a problem with relearn. However we just got a pic of a sensor with the same 9096AB part number and it is a...
  3. Bought a 2021. Pick up next week. How to wash and care for soft top?

    Raggtopp cleaner and protectant. Use a horse hair brush to clean it.
  4. 2022 392 Stripper?

    Yep. This right here.
  5. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    Then don't sell the Jeep plain and simple. People want to complain about covid, part shortages, chip issues, supply problems blah blah blah. Plain and simple Jeep should not be selling a product to the end user that is garbage and is having MAJOR issues (not a simple recall, software update...
  6. Who has traded or Sold?

    We had a 2018 JLUR fully loaded at about $54K MSRP (we paid 1% below invoice). It had $25K in aftermarket parts with all docs and receipts and had 20K miles. We got $59K selling back to a dealer. Tried selling private party and after dealing with a few tire kickers and low ball offers well...
  7. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    Replies like this are to be brutally honest hilarious. You are comparing mats to a guy that hasn't had his car for 85 days. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for this. Yeah trying to defend Jeep and ANY car company for this type of release and launch is plain stupid. Yeah everyone gets a first year might...
  8. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models? has plenty.
  9. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    No. your Jeep needs the ones that it is supposed to have. No programming can be done to have one work with the other.
  10. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    That because DT does not use OE Schrader direct fit sensors and why they could not "program" them. They use a "programmable" 33500 Schrader sensor and they have not updated their TPMS tool yet so the new 29057 protocol was not in there. When you told them to program as a Ram that is then the...
  11. Bourbon talk...

    I got this for my birthday today from the wife. Should be good but we shall see.
  12. Bourbon talk...

    I concur. It took me a little bit but I am finally there with "my guy". He said he only gets about 6 bottles a year of Weller 12yr and my name is on one. He will sell me Blantons, Eagle Rare etc all day long but I have learned not to be greedy. He asked the other day if I was ready for...
  13. 2nd set of wheels/tires & TPMS

    Answer to your first question is yes they will. Your build is still the 29093.
  14. TPMS Issue

    Ah so your TPMS is not mounted to the valve stem in the traditional way? Let me guess you have Hutchinson wheels. If so to either of the first questions your sensor is probably oriented in the wrong direction/way. You have a sensor that is spinning the wrong direction thus thinking it is on the...
  15. TPMS Issue

    Is your TPMS light off as well? PSI can be off a couple of PSI. If light is off as well then air one of them way down, drive and when you do that does that one come up on the dash at the new PSI and in the wrong location?
  16. TPMS Issue

    Haven't seen that issue since 2018. Are they the OEM sensors that came with the Jeep?
  17. TPMS Issue

    Guys. If they are not matching the location then they are not working. There is no magic to the TPMS and you don't need to remove the TPMS and keep it at that specific corner when you rotate your tires. You rotate and they "relearn" the new position via the TPMS system. How do you know they...
  18. Suntek Ultra-Matte PPF on Sarge Green + Green protective rings + Red Removal on JLR

    Absolutely stunning. Great job. When I saw Sarge first come out I knew it would look so awesome in matte. Also to get rid of the red is the best on that color. Enjoy it, that is awesome.
  19. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    Try to lower psi by about 15. Go drive a block. Come back and fill to exact door placard. Go drive again. Should be learning after less than a mile. If that doesn’t work do the same but take off and leave the spare in the garage. Also make sure old TPMS are not still in the Jeep In you have them.