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  1. one touch sky top

    My sky touch is NOT excessively loud at 80-85.
  2. rear seats dimension of wrangler phev

    Pretty sure they will be the exact same.
  3. Color choice...

    I have Ocean Blue and it never looks purple to me.
  4. Is anyone still having Carplay issues?

    Zero problems in the 10 months I’ve had my Jeep. I use carplay every time i get in my Jeep. I regularly use my iPhone 11 Max Pro or family members plug in (iPhone 8, XR, and X) haven’t seen a single issue.
  5. Technology package worth $1000?

    The 5 inch screen is awful!
  6. A few new things I learned about my JLU today

    These are all common things that have been in Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeeps for years. I assume others as well.
  7. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    There are PLENTY of added benefits and all the windows down with one touch isn't something it needs.
  8. Would you prefer a key ignition?

    I wouldn’t buy a vehicle if it didn’t have proximity and push button start.
  9. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    Haven’t had mine long enough to know.
  10. V41 recall done. Quite happy with the results.

    After the recall my Sahara drives way better than before! Before I has a TON of play in the steering wheel and now everything is nice a tight.
  11. 4cyl not too bad actually

    I also had the 2.0 turbo while my 3.6 Wrangler was in for the recall part swap. Hated the 2.0 it has decent pickup but the engine noise was just awful.
  12. Huge improvements coming for CarPlay in iOS 13

    You don't have to be in dark mode for the Carplay screen to be dark. There is a new setting to enable "Light Mode" and that makes it light until your headlights come on. Then it's dark.
  13. Point of sun shade with sky one touch?

    Having a shade under the sky touch seems pointless to me. Just close the top!
  14. Climate control: hot or cold, but no in between

    I set mine to 70 and leave it that way all year. Works as it should and works just like very other car with AUTO that I've owned.
  15. Does the Sahara come with freedom panel bags

    My Sahara Sky One Touch also came with both bags. Tried giving the freedom top bag back but the dealership wouldn't take it.
  16. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    What are you guys using to grease these areas?
  17. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    YES! I love mine and the convenience it offers. I have it open far more often that I would have with a hard top or soft top.
  18. Educate me: leather seats

    Cloth seats look cheap and leather is easier to clean.
  19. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    I didn't really ask. The delaership is close to my work and zero hassle so I let them handle everything