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  1. Place your bets, when will 2022 be announced?

    THAT SAID, there are always surprises... so maybe something JL related. Maybe not :)
  2. Place your bets, when will 2022 be announced?

    This is Grand Cherokee 4xe which is a delayed reveal that was supposed to be shown at the canceled NYIAS. It will be part of the 4Fest in Detroit this coming weekend. Edit: MAYBE something JL related.
  3. Place your bets, when will 2022 be announced?

    Grand Cherokee 4xe. Edit: Maybe something Wrangler related? New information. :)
  4. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    This is completely anecdotal so take it for what it's worth. I bought my car (not the Jeep) from a dealer in Massachusetts and shipped it down to Texas. The dealer was part of a larger national dealership group (Sonic) so the dealership in MA worked with a sister dealer here in TX to handle the...
  5. What will the GM plant shutdowns do to my Jeep Pricees

    JL Wrangler values have actually cooled off on the wholesale market quite a bit in the last month. They hit peak in April/May and are down significantly from those peaks.
  6. Place your bets (votes) on Jeep announcing 2022 details and ordering in September.

    September 1 has been the FCA model year cutover for the last decade or more, so hopefully tomorrow. PR will be up at 12:01am EDT if it's like past years. Edit: Guess they are bucking the trend. No new info on 9/1. Strange times.
  7. I'm going to order, should I wait to get a 2022?

    '22 changes *should* be announced on 9/1 as they are every year with FCA. I say should because this year is definitely a strange year, but for at least the last 10 years it's always been 9/1. Not sure when ordering/guides will open even when changes are published.
  8. Out of State Purchase - Recommendations and Lessons Learned

    This isn't anything new. Dealers would rather sell locally right then and there than drag out an out-of-state sale. I had several Porsche dealers sell a car out from under me within hours of me offering to place a deposit and finance through them. I finally ended up buying a very lightly...
  9. Equity in buying my lease?

    Put your vin in and see what number it spits out. No one here can tell you exactly what your car is worth to a buyer.
  10. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    That’s correct. Chicago is all about Wrangler Recon Xtreme and Compass. The rest will be standard fare 2021s.
  11. Transport from dealer - Pros/Cons?

    Nashville to Houston should be less than that $1300.
  12. Transport from dealer - Pros/Cons?

    I shipped a Porsche I bought from Boston to Houston using Montway about a year ago and they dropped it off at my door. It cost $1300 on an enclosed trailer. Great experience with them. If you want more details, shoot me a PM.
  13. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    Not to discourage you from asking, but the people who work the auto show won't be armed with the information to give you an accurate answer, and anything they give you won't be anything rooted in fact. FCA (Stellantis now) does their model year change over on 9/1 for most models, which is the...
  14. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    2022 Compass is a full mid-cycle refresh.
  15. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    The two-row WL74 will be fully revealed next month at the NYIAS in 4xe trim. They showed a couple of pics of it last week at the electrification event. We had a 2017 GC Trailhawk and loved it. Hope the new one is even better.
  16. Just got home from Bronco event...

    None of that matters. I had a made in Germany transmission in a previous S4 that had to be replaced three times because of various failures. Origin has very little to do as an indicator of reliability.
  17. Just got home from Bronco event...

    How quickly we forget the missing or bad welds from the first run of JLs lol
  18. Saw my first Bronco sport today. Not impressed.

    It is a great vehicle for its segment. One id take a serious look at if that was the segment I was shopping in. There’s just so many insecure Jeep people on this board who are overconfident in their ability to tell the difference between two very different vehicles 😂
  19. Saw my first Bronco sport today. Not impressed.

    The Bronco Sport is a Compass competitor not a Wrangler competitor.
  20. Ceramic Coating on a new Jeep 4xe

    I have it on my other car (CQuartz Professional) and it set me back about $1500. It's all in the prep work and expertise of the person installing it. There is maintenance involved, but it stays cleaner, is easier to wash and doesn't swirl like it used to. I use an electric leaf blower to dry the...