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  1. Illinois Passenger side LED Tail Lamp

    Nope. I couldn’t live with the small crack in this one (my wife insists she can’t see the crack). Bought a new passenger side and replaced it. This one works perfectly.
  2. Illinois Passenger side LED Tail Lamp

    68434889AB Jeep Wrangler JL OEM Passenger Tail Lamp. $150 shipped Used. Small almost unnoticeable crack in housing but works perfectly. See photos. No blind spot monitoring. This is for the passenger side light only.
  3. ASFIR Engine & Transmission Skid Plate Install on a 2020 Jeep JL Unlimited Rubicon 3.6 L Automatic - Install Video

    I just installed one of these on my 18 JL 3.6. I’m super impressed with how sturdy it is. It seems like they’ve changed the design, there is no more flag nut. The clip nuts also go in different locations than their video. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY DONT THEY INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS? It took me...
  4. Camp stove recipes

    The overlanders cookbook has a TON of great camp meals. I’d highly suggest it.
  5. Illinois Tekonsha Brake Controller and Harness

    2 years old. Works perfectly. Includes the Delphi wiring harness set up for the JL. Plug and play. $80 shipped
  6. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    Congrats. Get a good WDH and brake controller and you will be fine. Actually if you’re in the market for a brake controller. PM me, we started towing our Jeep behind our MH so I don’t need my controller anymore.
  7. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    It’s a 10k WDH from Harbor Freight and yes it has the MOPAR Towing package. It towed just fine across the mountains (both Rocky and Appalachian). Temps were good. We drive straight through also so about 20+ hours at a time. 65 and cruise.
  8. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    This was probably about 3800 fully loaded and we towed it about 5500 miles last summer.
  9. Colorado Tazer Lite

    It’s not giving me the option. Can you shoot me a text at 815-NineEightZero-ThirtyThirty
  10. Illinois Superchips Flashcal JL

    Unmarried. Ready to go. $160 shipped
  11. Colorado Tazer Lite

    PM Sent. It won’t let me send you a PM for some reason.
  12. Illinois Rubicon wheels with 35” KM3 tires

    No thanks. Just looking to offset my new wheelset.
  13. Illinois Rubicon wheels with 35” KM3 tires

    No spacers needed. They ride great, never needed to have them rebalanced.
  14. Illinois Sold: Rubicon wheels with 35” KM3 tires

    Set of 5 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon wheels with 35” BF Goodrich KM3 tires. About 12,000mi on the tires. Lots of tread left. TPMS included. $1300
  15. Illinois WTB RUBI TAKEOFFS

    Sent you a message.