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  1. ThinSkinz® Shieldz for your Jeep JL Doorz

    the doors on my friends new ram 1500 eco diesel are destroyed from his mastiff
  2. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    I would think jeeps are very rare in the junk yard scrap piles.
  3. Soft top or hard top?

  4. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Hoop & Snorkel

    that would be odd, id have to see it, I've run mine without caps since i got it
  5. Tops off... Dogs in

    i wrap the dog lead around the passenger grab bar/cinch it with some lead for her to move
  6. Tips on camping in a JLU? No trailer, no roof top

    be bear safe....follow all bear safety guidelines
  7. Critique my upcoming Trip to Colorado

    send postcards to the forum, ty, be safe
  8. Jeep JL Credit it Deserves!

    amen, love my '19 JLUR mojito
  9. What?!?!

    don't see the jeep....
  10. What?!?!

    What is the nearest beach to CHICAGO?
  11. Which Packages / Options do you WISH you had ordered?

    dual top group (have hard top JLUR MOJITO)
  12. Alien Sunshade Bungees

    jkloud hammock might sell a set of their bungees if you contact them. they use 16 bungees to secure the hammock as a top on the jl (jk has different set)
  13. Man behind the curtain

    haneline is underrated resource. his one touch top removal and attachment is great.
  14. Air down question for 2021 stock JLU WILLYS SPORT

    i went to christmas valley sand dunes and had no issues at 24 psi, (stock premium rims and ko2's on a rubicon) also..... i regularly go to the beach nearby and never air down there at all. but other than the entryway most of the sand nearby is packed. also.... set of traction mats would also be...
  15. How many miles did you go until cracked windshield

    none about 16,500, and even survived a passenger side pillar/windshield hit by a flying branch in a sideways rainstorm
  16. The hole on roll bar - what is designed for?

    you are corrrect the one touch uses the two holes higher up
  17. The hole on roll bar - what is designed for?

    the one touch removal thread and the the one putting it back on both show bolts going through those holes. youtube videos. there are folding brace arms that bolt to the downward arc of the rollbar, plain to see
  18. The hole on roll bar - what is designed for?

    i believe the one touch top roof support frame uses those bolts to reach their attachment point
  19. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    need an "as is option", love my 19 Rubicon console