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  1. Jeep Reveal?

    Because it’s due for 2022s to release?
  2. Jeep Reveal?

    Well…. I was excited about my gecko diesel order…. Damnit.
  3. JL Wrangler Diesel Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Ordered 9/9 Gecko Diesel Paint matched fenders paint matched hard top alpine 8.4 package LED group safety blind spot cold weather proximity tow gorilla glass engine block heater cloth seats (I had leather in my totaled 18, man they get hot with the top off) it will be a while but im excited...
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    That’s crazy he’s always been super responsive for me. I placed a deposit for a gecko diesel a week ago and he told me build eta would be 10-12 weeks just to “under promise and over deliver.” Msrp was 61 and the price he gave me was 54 and change.
  5. ICON Rebound Pro wheels

    Thanks, ya those official specifications are always inaccurate from my experience so I figured I’d ask. Thanks though. These seem to be one of the lightest beadlocks available that’s for sure.
  6. ICON Rebound Pro wheels

    did you weigh the wheels with bead lock bolts by chance?
  7. Virginia Evo 2.5” Plush Coils, Front and Rear,JLUR

    holy crap thats a great deal, I really like my evo plush springs.
  8. Illinois Sold

  9. Looking for recommendations for a quality hydraulic floor jack

    My Daytona 3 ton started leaking a few months after I got it from the main cylinder. Super butthurt about it because there’s no warranty. Looking to get a pro eagle just wanna find a deal somewhere. Anyone get it for a better price anywhere?
  10. Illinois Gone

    Sorry forgot to update the listing. No longer available.
  11. Illinois Sold

    proce drop
  12. Illinois Sold

    Photos and price updated.
  13. Illinois Gone

    Back up for sale
  14. Illinois Sold

  15. Synergy JLU 1" Springs w/Fox IFP Shocks?

    I've seen a lot of great feedback when pairing the Fox 2.5 shocks with the Synergy springs.
  16. Illinois Gone

    Sorry must have screwed that up when I updated it. Added it to OP
  17. Illinois Gone

    Updated again, open to shipping
  18. Illinois Gone

    Sorry updated the OP
  19. Illinois Gone