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  1. Can’t take grill off with poison spyder crawler bumper

    I believe I have the same issue with the LOD front bumper.
  2. Charging System Warning Alert via email & Uconnect App

    Well, I never got any warnings, and my battery died, so...consider having the battery checked out.
  3. Help identifying engine noise

    Automatic transmission for me
  4. Help identifying engine noise

    Sure. All I know is, I don't know, so I'm taking it in and I'll get it fixed. I'm not swearing off jeeps forever, or buying a bronco. It's just a mechanical matter that will get sorted out. Hopefully covered by warranty.
  5. Help identifying engine noise

    Mine sounds like a loose heat shield, until you have someone else rev the motor, and you get in there, then you can hear it's INSIDE the motor. I tried better fuel, but I heard it last night and realized it's still happening.
  6. Help identifying engine noise

    It's not fuel knock. I read somewhere else it's lifters and camshaft. If not under warranty it's about a $1500 fix, iirc.
  7. Help identifying engine noise Here's another thread on it.
  8. Help identifying engine noise Welcome to the club, can I take your coat? Get you a drink? It's not a normal sound.
  9. Rattling upon acceleration

    I've been running Shell 93 octane for 2 months, and if anything it's worsening. I'm taking it on for the 30k mile maintenance, ideally this week, and I'll have em check it out.
  10. Texas Stinggray Mopar Half Doors

    I'll just push this to the top of the queue and see what happens .
  11. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    Little bit dirty to undercut @Caliper right there in his sale thread. How about posting up your own items in your own thread, @JLAFAKASI .
  12. What did you all pay for your Rubicon??

    Sticker of $55,280, paid $48,790 + TT&L. Out the door was $52,279.18 . I ordered it. Got everything I wanted, none of what I didn't. I have receipts for all the Mods, but I've never added em up. Bought it in July of 2019, so...YMMV today.
  13. 2018 3.6L - Ticking/Rocker Arms?

    Can you share the STAR bulletin, or Number?
  14. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    Just making a joke, that's all. Goose Gear Swan Storage. Impressive work, you might have a market.
  15. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Hope this doesn't get me banned. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I couldn't have been below the hard deck, I mean parked next to it, for more than a couple of seconds. Bone Stock Big Bend with Samsqantch package. I think it's longer than mine. Tee Hee Hee.
  16. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    This will be for sale on this site later this month. Look for "Swan Storage" .
  17. The Moose is Loose!

    Removed the Rubicon Rock Rails in prep for installation of the @lodoffroad Signature Series Rock Sliders that have been sitting in my garage since March! I'll start installation this weekend, but not today.
  18. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    So nice. Look forward to more pics