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  1. TPMS Issue

    Mine was built in Oct of ‘20. Any fix for this other than switching out the sensors?
  2. TPMS Issue

    The wheels and sensors are not factory. They had no issues for the past 9 months but now this is happening. I have been airing up/down a lot more lately, so maybe that is playing into it somehow. Dunno. I know the pressures are correct, it’s just annoying.
  3. TPMS Issue

    Having an issue with my TPMS where the warning light is flashing then goes steady. Doesn’t appear there’s any actual issues with reading the pressure, as all 4 tires are accurate measured against a pressure gauge (and the correct pressures). It also respond to pressure changes for all tires...
  4. Odd requirements at a certain dealership.

    Sounds like South Point Dodge. Horrible dealership.
  5. Tried putting new wheel on back, hits the bumper and won’t fit. any suggestions!

    I have 35” KO2’s on my Rubicon with steel bumper and it did not fit, either. Tried the RC relocation bracket and hated how high it put the tire. Couldn’t see out the back. Switched it out to the Teraflex HD Alpha relocation kit and it’s perfect...
  6. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Got some pics from the install today. All but passenger side is done!
  7. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Sneak peek of my new partial wrap being installed!
  8. Any Soft Tops With Glass Windows?

    @Bestop - anything in the works?
  9. A/C Vent Removal

    You’ll need to remove the dash panels. There’s some videos on YouTube. The vents are screwed into the dash panels from the back side.
  10. Spare Tires Shakes

    I second this. Had the RC version (and figured it’s just a tire carrier, so what?). It lifted my 35” wayyy too high and pushed it out so the bump sticks wouldn’t make contact. After a week, I ripped it off and went with the Teraflex HD. Love it. Can see out the back now that it’s lower...
  11. Backup camera appears different in 2021 JL

    Just ran into this installing the Teraflex HD carrier. I knew the camera was different, and they actually have an extra clip they'll send if you call and order from them (isn't included with every order). However, getting the original out was a PITA. I'd love to see the "proper" way to do...
  12. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    Oh wow. I have the factory soft top which I thought was great, but this looks amazing. A couple of questions: 1) will it wire into one of the existing aux switches? 2) how scratch resistant is the window plastic? My one complaint with the factory soft windows is how easily they scratch...
  13. Cameras and radio not working

    ....aaand now it all magically works. What an annoying day.
  14. Cameras and radio not working

    Well after letting it sit a while went back and put it in run. It came up on the Uconnect app screen, rather than the SXM screen I usually leave it on. The audio seems okay, the backup cam is wonky now (see picture, but sort of working) and the front cam won’t open at all. Maybe there is some...
  15. Cameras and radio not working

    2021 JLUR. Little backstory. Had lift, new tires, RSE sliders, and re-location bracket installed earlier this week. With the tires, the shop added the tazer to adjust the tire size. With the re-location bracket, I wasn't entirely happy with how high the tire sits now. It's the RC version...
  16. Tazer JL Mini and CEL Flashing

    I had a shop install a Tazer today with my lift/tire size upgrade. It was showing a DTC U0168 code when I got it home. Looked around online and I tried clearing it, and doing a reboot of the Tazer, and that's gone now. However, when I put it in run mode (ignition on, but not running), the CEL...
  17. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Got the lift, tires, wheels, winch, and RSE slider steps installed today!
  18. soft top window storage

    I ordered this. Works great, and don’t have to worry about stuffing them in and out of a bag, and keeps them out of the way.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added a new dash decal!
  20. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Where’d you get these decals?