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  1. Texas OEM Steel Front Bumper

    Thanks buddy
  2. Texas OEM Steel Front Bumper

    Haha. Not exactly. So “Orangey” has over 80k on it and I don’t want to wear it out because of all the crap I did to it. And if I get a new jeep, miraculously my wife will also need a new jeep six weeks later. So I told her to get a new Jeep and I’ll just take her 2020 wrangler with 30k. So we...
  3. Texas OEM Steel Front Bumper

    I totally need this. Too bad you live 1,000,000 miles from me.
  4. Sky one touch top after market?

    I just had my SOT replaced because I FUBARed it. They at least have whole top as a single part number now…like just this month. Im not sure about the color matched rails, back windows or back glass.
  5. Picture thread of My Jeep Survived that.....

    Imogene. Not hard at all but no one takes pics of me so it’s all I got. :(
  6. 2022 392 Stripper?

    392 stripper….sounds like my ex-wife.
  7. 3.6 likes to leak

    No, i had it done at the dealership. They just called it the intercooler. I'm not even sure it fixed the issue yet.
  8. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    I actually scored the soft-top for free from the dealership. They had 5 of them out back from where the owners who purchased the dual top group never came back for the soft top portion. I was in the right place at the right time. Mine is from 2018. I haven't looked in the parts box yet.
  9. 3.6 likes to leak

    I have 80K and just replaced the oil cooler for a leak.
  10. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    SO cool that you posted that, I have recently procured a new soft top for my jeep in case another mishap occurs. What additional parts do you need? Targa brackets? And do you need to replace the trim panel that houses the SOT buttons? It looks like it would be in the way.
  11. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    Update on my SOT fiasco. In our last adventure, my SOT got FUBAR'ed and needed complete replacement. The aluminum rails got scarred and the top would not close when opened. It took a couple Jeep mechanics and myself to close it the last time it was opened. The primary cause was mud/gravel...
  12. Feedback on RGT Oil (Thus Far)

    I’m out. I need to find another deal on oil.
  13. 37s on xtreme recon package?

    What is silly is spending that much money on an upgrade package with the intention of having it less than ideal. If you're going to run and wheel 37s, 4.88 should be the minimum. Maybe 5.13s, depending on your use case. But what do i know?
  14. 37s on xtreme recon package?

    So the 4:56 gears are pointless? There's also a lot of fat chicks putting ducks on Jeeps. That doesn't make it right
  15. 37s on xtreme recon package?

    If you're going to go with 37s i wouldn't get the xtreme recon package. You're going to end up needing new suspension and gears anyway. Pointless
  16. Best combo for reliability?

    20 years is a long, long time to plan. We'll probably all be in COVID work camps breaking rocks with hammers for the common good by then. All I'll say is that i have a 32 year old Jeep that i can go to the local parts store and get most of the things i need off the shelf. The things they...
  17. Is Bronco worth the wait?

    Hard to say if it's worth the wait when no one, including Ford, has any idea when they will deliver to customers. Six months...a year....2 years? And even if you could get one tomorrow, would you want it? Nah, I'll pass. Love the looks of the 2-door, but momma didn't raise no fool.
  18. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    I hope Bronco captures the angry grill and duck demographic.
  19. Trailer vs Seat delete

    You could maybe sleep catercorner, but it wouldn't be ideal for sure.