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  1. Jeep Reveal?

    Maybe it’s a new edition with upgraded non bubbling paint and leak proof locker sensors…
  2. Hood protector yay or nay?

    Hood deflectors look hideous…instead use a good PPF like Expel or 3M. That said, I’ve had very few problems with rock chips on the leading edge of the hoods on my Jeep’s….can’t say the same for the windshields.
  3. Next Generation Prediction

    Sure would be - the battery is the problem…and I don’t see Jeep (Stelantis) having the innovative capacity to make this set up happen anyway. Make no mistake, I like EV powertrains…but battery capacity is very limited. I had a Tesla M3….quick and smooth, and would loose 50% of its range at...
  4. Next Generation Prediction

    I totally agree. There is a huge EV revolution under way…Jeep will need to adapt, especially if dems stay in power. Based on how much power is needed for off-roading based on what we’re seeing with the 4xe, I don’t know how an all electric Jeep can be very feasible for extended off-roading…
  5. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    the current JL shares little )other than name) with many of the older Jeeps mentioned. Far more complexity in modern Jeeps will make them more problematic as they age. I will dump mine before it hits 75,000 miles…. It might last 400,000 miles; I’ll never know.
  6. Soft top or hard top?

    I have the dual top group. I like the looks of the soft top and the convertible functionalty. Don’t like the poor access to the rear of the vehicle with the soft top or inability to run soft top through a car wash. The hardtop Is far better on the highway….less noisy.
  7. Jump Ship or What?

    Just a reminder, in most states when you buyout a lease, sales tax must be paid on the buyout amount and is something you must factor…
  8. Overheating Problems - Need Advice

    Good luck with your situation. On the jk a hairline crack at the top of the radiator cap could cause similar problems. Probably not your issue but maybe worth a look….
  9. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    Advice to OP: STOP talking about who might be at fault on the internet. Everything you say on this forum can be used against you by the insurance company or a plaintiff if it benefits them. The people you hit might have neck injuries that were not readily apparent at the time of the...
  10. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    We all do things we regret…no reason to rub it in…OP didn’t ask for our opinions about the cause of the accident…
  11. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    The used market is very strong…reducing the likelihood of a total loss…you will know soon.
  12. 4xe - $12,500 proposed tax credit stopped my purchase

    That’s the problem with these stupid programs…manufacturer’s will just raise prices….Congress isn’t smart enough to plan for that issue….
  13. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    Only your insurance adjuster can tell you that. There is likely frame damage if the engine was pushed backwards causing transmission issues. But can’t tell anything from your pictures except there is significant damage. Age and mileage of your Jeep will also be a determining factor.
  14. Rich Jeepers

    A bit off thread…was thinking about buying slightly used adventure bike until three weeks ago after a three day overlanding trip…two of us in Jeep’s, the other two on big adventure bikes. Those bikes are great on dirt roads but are a handful on Jeep trails. I’m going to stick with my 2017...
  15. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    A better steering stabilizer is a good idea anyway….and the black fenders are fairly inexpensive….
  16. Under Hood Heat

    I conducted a non scientific test after work today. It’s 93 degrees today…I placed a temp sensor on top of the engine cover on my 2.0 and closed the hood right after driving it 10 miles. After 10 minutes it measured 199 degrees. I then did the same with my wife’s 2018 Ford Edge with the 2.7...
  17. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Easy to disconnect - and you never risk the wind catching your hood and slamming it against the windshield header. Ask me how I know😬😬😬
  18. What?!?!

    Guy good give lessons about how to ruin a Jeep…. Bad taste has no boundaries….
  19. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    Nope - it only affects about 14,000 units built in early 2020….my 2020 Recon had the defect which was fixed a couple of months ago. Mine was out of service for two days awaiting parts. Glad I was able to get it fixed so quickly….sounds like there is a part shortage now….
  20. Rich Jeepers

    This is so true…and I’ve done this with many of my vehicles except for my Jeep(s). I would rather spend money on appreciating assets rather than stuff that depreciates. That said, as I get older it’s not about accumulating wealth anymore but more about living. My goal is not to make my kids...