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  1. Florida Roll Call!

    Welcome dude! I’ll let you know when we are headed down that way maybe we can meet up!
  2. Florida Roll Call!

    Unfortunately as far as I know Ocala is still too tight to traverse without getting pin stripped. That may have changed recently. If you don’t care about your paint then by all means lol oh you said Osceola lol I’ll ask a buddy of mine that goes often
  3. Florida Roll Call!

    Welcome to the forum! WGV area here
  4. Florida Roll Call!

    Was at our newest puppies vet appt and saw this out the window hahaha classic Jeep life
  5. Jeeps From the Toledo Jeep Fest.

    This looks like a J6 but I think it’s a 2dr JK with a modified HT and cargo area. I want a J6! I have absolutely (0) practical use for it being we are a family of (6) but I just want one and can’t explain why haha Is that normal?! Here’s one of a J6 I took a few years ago at JeepBeach 18’.
  6. Stolen 2021 JLURD

    The VIN is also on the frame tho..
  7. Florida Roll Call!

    Great video watched the entire episode!
  8. I have a $80k Wrangler and didn't even know it. What's your rig's final / current cost?

    While I don’t doubt at all that they get bought up, again, me personally knowing what I know, I wouldn’t unless of course it had extensive paperwork on maintenance. Angry bird grille, the worst!!
  9. I have a $80k Wrangler and didn't even know it. What's your rig's final / current cost?

    Exactly. If I were to ever look for a used wrangler, me personally, I Wouldn’t be looking for one that was all modded up, if such a thing still exists lol
  10. Thank You For Ducking Me...

    I live in an area that 1 out of every 10 vehicles is a Jeep. I’ve only been ducked 5 times. They must not like mine lol
  11. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    I’m fairly certain he wasn't trying to personally attack you. What has this world come to, Jesus.
  12. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    I’m lost, what’s everyone bitching about again? EDIT: ohhhhh some of you got the silver tag instead of the gold tag. That sucks lol That golden one looks badassary Someone on this forum that has a 392 & silver tag is going to demand a buy back lol bet
  13. Florida Roll Call!

    Great narration man loving the videos!
  14. Florida Roll Call!

  15. Florida Roll Call!

    I feel ya man! For some reason I thought you had done an axle swap.
  16. Florida Roll Call!

    I would venture to say that financially it would be better to stay in what you’re in because of the money already spent and clearly it’s capable, doing the job it needs to do. I could be wrong though. I’m not sure what advantage at this point a Rubi for you would be over your current setup...
  17. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    There is no dealership I know of in existence that will replace the more than likely already worn parts, including my own (which is a very reasonable dealership). They won’t do it. As another member mentioned, there is no engineering response to the actual cause so this is a TEMP fix to prevent...
  18. Florida Roll Call!

    I’d like to lose my way out there any day! Glad you’re enjoying your trip! Keep posting so I can keep wishing I was retiring already haha