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  1. Good Buffer for Beginner

    Interesting thread. I'm in the middle of a paint correction and ceramic coat (Avalon King) on my crewcab pickup and topper. I had bought a Torq 22D random orbital with 21mm throw probably 5 years ago and had not used it until now. Not doing any polishing on the roof and top of the topper...
  2. Replacement for Turtle Wax Ice?

    I used Mothers CMX a couple years ago on my JL. Held up for about a year, thru all the Costco drive thru car washes. Very easy to use; spray on, wipe around, let it haze, buff off. I did the whole JLUR in very short order. I'm in the process of doing a paint correction on my 14 GMC Crewcab...
  3. 2022 Color Wish List

    I don't quite get why they dropped the tan when the JL replaced the JK. Possibly it didn't sell well. But I see plenty of JKs in this color. In the southwest, it would seem to be popular. We do desert down here.
  4. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    I agree with your conclusion about the different stabilizers (dampers). But, higher stiffness (of the overall system) pushes the resonant frequency higher. I don't think we're dealing with second resonance phases. So, I'm suspicious that something is going on that you haven't discovered with...
  5. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Save a sleeping bag, sleep in a motel.
  6. 4xe - $12,500 proposed tax credit stopped my purchase

    Yeah, BOHICA. That's a "return". With the proposed law to allow the IRS to have direct access to monitor your financial institution account transactions, and pushing the statutes for tax audits/liability out to 20 years, $7500 EV credit seems like a trivial consolation.
  7. 4xe - $12,500 proposed tax credit stopped my purchase

    This JD Power site explains the federal tax credit as being a straight out reduction of tax liability. Take the amount right off the bottom line tax you owe. There is also a bit about California's tax credits...
  8. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    "The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020" Yeah, but probably pretty reliable for a rock crawler.
  9. 33's on a Sport S

    Absolutely. Keep your TPMS sensors and put them in the Rubicon takeoffs. Don't forget to get new stems (the rubber stems should be changed once they are used in a wheel, because they can be damaged removing them.) Buy TPMS parts here Mopar 68058766AA TPMS Rubber Snap In Valve Stem for $1.99
  10. 33's on a Sport S

    If you can pickup some Rubicon takeoffs for cheap, they can be a great buy and the BFG K02 is ok for most firm, dry stuff. If you have to pay $1k or more, you might want to start thinking about paying a bit more and you'll have more choices on tires.
  11. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    It's coming up on fall and the temperatures in the Mojave desert will drop to something more tolerable soon. The Mojave has many great exploration types of trails. I recommend you search for some books on exploring the Mojave desert. The trails are generally easy and a stock jeep would do...
  12. To sell or not to sell?

    Maybe. But "major changes" of what aspect of electric vehicles, is THE question. I think electric power generation and grid distribution is a big limitation. Until something to address that happens, growth of electric vehicles will be slow. That says nothing of actual charging stations and...
  13. New Jeep Quick Off-Gassing Solutions SOLVED AND ENDED

    I live in CA and I know it's one big warning sticker to the other states.
  14. Sun Visor Fix

    How I ground it down was with a disc grinder and finished it with a file. You could do it all with hand files
  15. Sun Visor Fix

    The part that gets "ground down" is the plastic retangular base plate that secures the visor assembly to the vehicle. On the inside surface of the base plate is a raised boss around the hole where the visor fits into. This is shown in post #4 of this thread, in the first and second pictures...
  16. What's Your Most Overpriced Part Or Accessory?

    Probably the $1500 Rockhard 4x4 aluminum bumper. But I wouldn't put a big heavy steel bumper on it. So this was the choice I made.
  17. Sun Visor Fix

    You'd have to cut or break off the part that typically breaks and do the repair. I would think breaking it would be easy. Just abuse the visor a bit and it should break off that cap looking part.