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  1. 4xe Sahara Falken tires, SL or D load rating?

    OP, what is the size and load rating (and weight) of your current stock tires? I would go with the “same” load rating as stock but I would be careful with overall tire weight. I’m assuming that if you go with a significantly heavier tire, your electric range may be impacted enough to notice...
  2. No Garage - Is the 4xe still a good option?

    There are no issues charging your vehicle outside per se. But plugging into a standard outlet will be slow. I have the opposite problem from you….. I HAVE a garage…… but it happens to be in a highrise apartment that doesn’t have reserved parking…. Zero ability to plug a vehicle in……
  3. Metal clanking sound under jeep (with video)

    OP, this is my first jeep too. I was told “it’s gonna rattle, whine, Thump, thud, hum, whiz, and he-haw. Don’t worry about it.” well, it does and I try not to worry. So far, my b]Buddy was right and everything is fine with my early 2020 model JLU.
  4. How to get more power with better gas mileage

    We’re it possibLe to make the Jeep faster and improve fuel economy, don’t you think that FCA would have done so to make it easier to meet CAFE standards? IMO, make your 5 passenger a 2 passenger and rip out every bit of extra weight. Remove the spare, jack, etc, remove the rear seats, put...
  5. Comms....CB Radio or GMRS?

    GMRS. The “license” is cheap, no test, 10 years and covers immediate family. I personally find the quality better than CB.
  6. Dealer not interested in fixing Jeep, nor is case management----options?

    My jeep hums, pops, whizzes, snaps, taps, claps, yawns, gargles, and he-haws. it is a jeep thing.
  7. Max Payload for Overlanding

    The land boarder into Canada is open for Americans heading north but, according to a 9/17 article in the WSJ, the US has kept it boarder essentially closed to Canadians heading South. The US will allow Canadians to fly to the US however After they obtain a standard COVID test. of special note...
  8. Max Payload for Overlanding

    this is America and America has an obesity issue. The JLU is rated for 5 passengers. If each of them is 300 svelt pounds (except the skinny guy in the middLe backseat… he weighs 275) and involved in an accident with ‘serious injury or fatality” — say, to another vehicle — are you saying that...
  9. Max Payload for Overlanding

    The whole thing is confusing…. Really confusing….. if I order a JLU with steel bumpers, is my “payload” sticker different than a JLU with a plastic bumper? No. Hardtop vs ragtop? No. Leather vs cloth? No. What if I have a hitch? It weighs 10-15 pounds or so….. any difference For a jeep...
  10. Help me plan a 11 1/2 month Jeep camping trip Michigan to the Mexico boarder to Dead Horse Alaska and back

    Ok….. this has ZERO to do with off-roading but…. While you are in colorado, why not drive the highest paved road in North America? Mt. Evans. It will take you to about 14.1k feet with very variable weather (plan ahead). Reservations required but fairly easy to obtain on short notice. Also...
  11. What is a good mileage target for first oil change?

    The manual says (paraphrasing) “change the oil in no case longer than 1 year or 10,000 miles or 350 hours. And the service interval for an oil change is when the oil change indicator comes on.” I’ve had my 2020 coming up on 2 years. I have 14k on it. I will use my last of 4 ‘jeep waves” oil...
  12. Max Payload for Overlanding

    Private vehicles can be weighed (and fined) in Australia? Interesting. if you loaded up your jeep (not the trailer), with a bunch of stuff….. at what point are you overweight and/or, what is the weight (overage) based on?
  13. Max Payload for Overlanding

    And you didn’t even add the weight of the 35” tires & rims, air compressors, trail lights, bumpers, tire carriers, interior racks, tailgate tables, rock rails, tools, etc. my answer for you: 1) lose some body weight 2) pack light 3) drive naked 4) take a dump before you get behind the wheel...
  14. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    My vote: total loss (airbags and busted transmission means crumple zones did their job but that means…. TL IMO)
  15. 4xe - $12,500 proposed tax credit stopped my purchase

    Interesting. I have been very surprised that there wasn’t some “cap” previously.
  16. Tips on camping in a JLU? No trailer, no roof top

    Consider getting these. You can open the window for air circulation and still (supposedly) keep the bugs out. I have them but have not tried (Yet).
  17. Rich Jeepers

    I think that your hypothetical numbers actually show what I am trying to articulate. the Dollar that went into your 401(k) 40-years ago likely went in at a marginal tax rate of 15% because you were young and not earning much. It doubles 4x during that period. All of that “capital gain“ which...
  18. Rich Jeepers

    And this has been one of the “myths” of traditional 401(k)s all along…… when you put money into one, you might have a marginal rate of 15 or 20 or 25%…… so, that’s tax deferred….. cool. now, 40 years later, your investments have grown and you have a TON of capital gains inside the 401(k)...
  19. Rich Jeepers

    I have a cousin in the Northeast who is a cop For 30+ years. His dad, my uncle, (now deceased) was also a cop and retired after 30+ years on the force. In the 1990’s my Uncle told his son: “if you want to be a cop, do it…. Great career…. But it would be smarter if you decided to work for the...