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  1. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    Yeah, let’s get this going. I don’t want for Xmas, I want before Xmas….like, when I can use them :)
  2. 3.6 likes to leak

    Confirmed - rear main seal at 27K. Sheesh....
  3. 3.6 likes to leak

    Took mine in today - 27K on it. Leaking at bell housing - i'm assuming rear main seal. Will post back.
  4. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    How we looking @ORACLElights? Cold weather will be here soon and I need some MODs, help me out! Any potential discounted group buys?
  5. Easiest way to get spring compressed to orient top spring isolator?

    Are you not comfortable to disconnect some bolts to allow the axle to drop enough? If you get comfortable with that, you don’t need a spring compressor.
  6. Teraflex Steering Stab Bracket Removal

    Torch does it - more heat, Spanky!! EDIT: If i remember correctly - these are threaded backwards, so might confirm that.
  7. Signs of Failing Auxillary Battery?

    The brake-hold feature? Mine was ON and i saw the flashing. After i disabled it, i did not. This was only observed 1 time, so i have not seen a pattern, but a 1-time "oddity" is noticed. LMK!
  8. Signs of Failing Auxillary Battery?

    Offering this: i JUST upgraded to the latest Tazer FW as well and noticed your flashing symptoms for the first time. Not sure if it's Tazer FW related..?
  9. Recommended Jeep Wrangler Mechanic in St. Louis

    The two shops you mentioned are the only 2 (i know of) in town. Why not try to bribe someone to help you, then just check your alignment? I try to avoid shops at all cost now. Axleboy did 3 of my last rear pinions seals and I’m tired of the hassle. Going to do my next myself.
  10. 2018+ Jeep JL Rear Axle Breather Tube (Plugged from Factory)

    Reviving this - i seemed to have this as well. I was going to replace my rear pinion seal (on my own), as i've already had 3 replaced - i decided to check the breather valve and have the exact same thing here. I have no idea what these are supposed to look like/function. @Roky - have you tango'd...
  11. And another lift kit question…

    Agree on the RK links as well. We have them and would not go back. The MC ones are not that good.
  12. And another lift kit question…

    We have the MC 3.5 Rocksports and love the kit! I think it's one of the best out there (besides the RK that Roky mentions). You will be able to do a TON of stuff with that kit. Additional upgrades will need to be driveshafts, before you get too adventurous. I would also expect to beef up some...
  13. JL's JLs Builds

    Had these sitting around for awhile and finally got around to it: Reid Steering Knuckles and Dynatrac Balljoints. The BJs have def made a difference in steering experience. They take out a bunch of bumpsteer and give a more overall solid feel. We changed these BJs out at 26000 on 1 JL and 16000...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Catching up to the rest of the "rabbit-hole crew" least you guys only had to do 1 set - lol. Reid Knuckles and DynaTrac BJs. The new BJs take a bunch of bumpsteer out of the factory BJs. A nice upgrade!
  15. Front Drive Shaft Now Turning In 2WD After Re-Gear

    Cool - just to fully eliminate - you could always pull the Tazer. They're great, but not perfect.
  16. Front Drive Shaft Now Turning In 2WD After Re-Gear

    Good point on here - is there a Tazer involved? If so - are you locked and dont know it? As someone else mentioned: i would cycle the transfer and see if it "pops-out".
  17. Wiring issue

    Next time: get your Chewbacca leg out of the pic-lol
  18. What's your favorite color that you didn't buy/order?

    A black Jeep (to me) is the best color for a Jeep ever…..NOW: when I went to build my 19, I had the same thought….THEN I saw a Mojito in person and I couldn’t get it outta my mind….that’s where I landed. I’ve always been curious what I would’ve done to a black JL. So many people have done so...