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  1. Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit

    We have a how-to write up on the Spartacus HD Tire Carrier on our blog site:
  2. Washington Currie Antirock Sway Bars for the JL are here!

    Links are fixed, working now. :like: Front Currie Antirock (pn# CURCE-9900JLF) Rear Currie Antirock (pn# CURCE-9900JLR4)
  3. Northridge4x4 Grade 8 Suspension Bolt Kits are Now Available!

    You are correct they do not go all the way through. That would've required custom bolts and would have driven the price up quite a bit. That said, the support from the longer shanks make a huge difference and have been proven for many years in all the JK bolt kits we've sold in the past decade.
  4. Northridge4x4 Grade 8 Suspension Bolt Kits are Now Available!

    Grimm Offroad has taken this product over from us and made a few changes. The above two kits are now combined into one: GOR10046 for the Wrangler JL/JLU: GOR10049 for the Gladiator JT...
  5. My first Jeep. 2021 JL Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

    That looks to be the Rock Hard 4x4 Winch Guard w/Light Mounts. Cute pups J.Ralston! Looks like you have some work to do on the Jeep!
  6. Northridge4x4 Gift Card Extravaganza!

    Starting now till Sunday 7/25, get a Northridge4x4 Gift Card with purchases over $500. Some restrictions apply*. Hurry! Offer expires 7/25 at midnight PST! CLICK HERE to see the breakdown!
  7. I’m so tired of companies taking my money and not shipping!🤬

    I dont know that I have an answer for that currently. I can see it from both sides. And trust me its not us needing the money its more of a speed to get product out the door and being as efficient as we possibly can. And customers are split on it as well. And I am all for changing the way we...
  8. I’m so tired of companies taking my money and not shipping!🤬

    There is a lot of info here and a lot of moving parts. Couple things.We are still a Rotopax dealer and we will be getting more once they can supply more than just there retail customers. So we will be getting more we have thousands on order with them currently. We do process the order once the...
  9. I’m so tired of companies taking my money and not shipping!🤬

    I completely understand your frustration on the long wait on the Rotopax lox. We have been trying to get Rotopax in stock for a long while now, but they have had major delays. Back when you ordered, our ETA was probably pretty low, as we didn't know they were having the delays that they are...
  10. NorthRidge4x4 Beware

    Nathan, I apologize how the part arrived to you, its not to your standards nor is it to mine. Like you said I also agree our customer service team did what they could to get this resolved for you as fast as possible. I dont want to sit back and forth and argue about this or that. Here is a...
  11. Beadlocks on the Street???

    Yes you can. The Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlocks have gone through all the testing and inspection processes to meet or exceed all US Federal DOT specifications for wheels driven on the street. Join Tech Tim in the Northridge4x4 studio to check out these awesome beadlock wheels: For the...
  12. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    The forum discount code is "jlwranglerforums". Unfortunately Dynatrac does not let us discount this product. You can always check with our sales staff to see if there are any sales on Dynatrac products going on at the present time. Reach out to them at [email protected] or 866-601-5340.
  13. 4th of July Sale :)

    Cypher, If the site showed in stock when you ordered it will be shipping today. your order confirmation will show the exact message that the site showed so check that out. If you got in after they were sold out it will be later this month for the next shipment
  14. 4th of July Sale :)

    we had a few hundred ARB twins when we sent that newsletter out and within minutes they all were gone...
  15. Special Deals at Northridge4x4!

    Northridge4x4 has some pretty big deals going on now, ending tonight at Midnight(pst)! Buy 4 get 1 FREE on Milestar Patagonia's! Buy 4 get 1 FREE on KMC XD229 Machetes! Save 10% on SteerSmarts! Save 15% on PSC! AND MORE!! CLICK HERE to see all of the deals!
  16. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Dynatrac is still working on finalizing the diesel kits, which is the reason for the long lead time on them. We do now have the AEV Diesel kits in stock though.
  17. S&B Filters Hood Scoops for your Rubicon Hood - DIY Install video

    What @40”JLURD said. The scoops are the only thing that will work with the Rubicon diesel models currently.
  18. S&B Filters Hood Scoops for your Rubicon Hood - DIY Install video

    We do have them in stock and ready to ship currently. Hood scoops only Hood scoop system
  19. Clearlidz panoramic freedom top install and beat-down

    Have you wondered how easy it is to install the Clearlidz see-through freedom panel is? Or maybe how tough are they? Check out our latest YT video, we have a little too much fun giving a JL/JT Clearlidz a beat-down and then installing it. Caution.... JK content in the video too.
  20. Dana Spicer HD vs. Dynatrac Balljoints

    There should be no need to be worried with that low of miles and light use.