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  1. 2WD light blinks sometimes

    Hey y'all! I've got a Rubicon with 33k miles on it. Lately I've noticed the 2wd light blinks. I can tell something is loose, as sometimes it blinks in rythm to the bumps in the road. Been getting worse the last 5k miles. I have a lift and front bumper, so I assume my warranty is useless Is...
  2. JLU's: How big of a winch are you running?

    Yep, m8000 here loaded up and it works great. Pulled my JL on it's skid plates with wheels off the ground no problem. It's also a little lighter than most other warn winches
  3. Software update killed my screen

    I just got this - changed the theme and it fixed it.
  4. Poll: How many of you are going to pay for SiriusXM after the free trial?

    Never enabled the trial but I don't see why I would. With Android Auto I can have all my music (Spotify), news (npr one), books (audible) and my podcasts (pocketcasts). Plus, coverage disappears somewhere in Mexico. With 20k miles on my JL it works great.
  5. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Is there a change log or list of fixes for this update?
  6. Shocks for a a softer ride on JKS 2.5 HD lift?

    Yeah, I was thinking about that too - but I did get the heavier springs. Trouble is I can't tell which it could be. I figure if I can't elelminate the issue, better shocks may reduce it, even if compensating for the non-ideal springs.
  7. Shocks for a a softer ride on JKS 2.5 HD lift?

    I've just got the JKS jspec 2.5" lift with heavy duty springs due to all the weight I have ( 15 gal water, fridge etc, camping gear winch). The ride is just too darn harsh at speeds under 45. Above that on gravel or freeway and it's just fine. Any recommended shocks? I see the fox racing...
  8. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    I've had the update popup twice today but when I click update nothing happens. Is there some trick? Once with the engine running, once not. I tried to download update, but uconnect says I'm updated I'd like to update when I have reception EDIT: Came up a 3rd time without the update now...
  9. Lift for heavy loads?

    Holly Mooly! 4.5k for a lift, way to much for me. Are they worth the price?
  10. Lift for heavy loads?

    No sponsorships just girlfriend, little dog and I. Quit our jobs for a few years for this. We're adventurous, but I don't have what it takes to drive the Darian just going to ship it from Panama.
  11. Lift for heavy loads?

    Very nice! Which lift kit? Mopar?
  12. Lift for heavy loads?

    I'm on the road to Argentina with a very heavily loaded Rubicon. Unfortunately the load has given me clearance issues over tougher terrain. Gas tank is lower than the diffs mainly. Any suggestions on a lift? I'd be happy with just stiffer springs, but open to a lift kit. 2" would be nice, but...
  13. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Sorry man, wish I could help - I didn't touch the front roll-bar. I like my music!
  14. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Not too bad at all - interior stripped in about 4 hours. Seat and seatbelt bolts are a little tough. Didn't see any noise canceling. It was all easy. I was going to rhino line but decided against it. Once the plywood and all my gear in the Jeep it'll quiet it down but it's not much louder from...
  15. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Waiting on some parts but I hope to have updates next week. Working on the framing for marine plywood shelving with t-slot square framing ( )
  16. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Good eye! It sure is! I had to drill holes in the floor. Slight modifications due to the larger storage tub in the floor.
  17. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Just thought I'd share my work progress for my overland build. It will have a Ursa Minor top, but I have to wait for that! Let photos speak for themselves Up next is adding 15 gallon water tank in the rear footwell
  18. Gas mileage so far

    Oh interesting - although I do have a stick
  19. Gas mileage so far

    For me, it keeps it at perfect constant speed as the highway goes up and down hill even if slightly. When I ride in other people's cars, I noticed how much people tend to slow and speed up on even slight turns or inclines.
  20. Gas mileage so far

    Only have 80 miles on the clock but this is what I saw on a Rubicon 4dr. No idea what gas the dealer put in the tank. 1) In town ~15 MPG 2) On the freeway ~62 MPH, without cruise control ~17 MPG 3) On the freeway 62 MPH, with cruise control ~21 MPG I come from a Miata (and other cars with low...