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  1. Very Happy Day!

    best feeling ever. cant wait to get mine paid off.... except then ill be buying more mods LOL
  2. Jeep Reveal?

    just revealing the new ceo. and some paint
  3. Big Bear offroading

    there is talk that it will be extended until the end of the month now. but nothing official
  4. Dana M210 front axle understanding

    that does look like the rubicon axle package to medoes the front have CV joints or standard U-Joint. the saharas with the smaller m186 M200 axles set with full time 4 wheel drive was built with CV joints but with the build sheet it looks like it has the rubicon M210/M220 dana 44 axles. I would...
  5. California Falken wildpeak MT’s 285/70r17 tires only 500

    They’re rubicon take offs. Just pulled them off my rubi wheels.
  6. Best time to sell

    try vroom carmax and the other online place. people have been geting over blue book
  7. California Falken wildpeak MT’s 285/70r17 tires only 500

    meet me in the middle at 450?
  8. Max Payload for Overlanding

    you have the HD brake system on your rubicon already. you should be fine. ive been running without the big brakes for two years without issues. Did a 2000 mile trip in may overlanding from California to AZ NV and Utah. jeep handled all the extra fuel and weight without anyproblem
  9. Max Payload for Overlanding

    you just have to setup the vehicle the correct way. you can increase Payload capcity and then have it certified.... My JLU sport has the same 850lbs payload when i bought it. i am Lifted on 35's. i am currently waiting on my new brake lines to come in for my powerstop heavy towing brake kit to...
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    love the st23.3 shocks. i run mine in the 2.5 setting seems to be the best ride quality
  11. Thinking swapping my 2020 Jeep Willys

    with you being in Canada your limited slip in the Willys is much better than Lockers for daily driving in the snow than e-lockers will be. You could save some cash and always get some rubicon axles put into your jeep. I installed a set into my sport last winter myself in the driveway took me two...
  12. Thinking swapping my 2020 Jeep Willys

    my Brother and my partents both opted for used JK's one has a 15JKU willys and the other has an 18JKU willys. my brothers 18 JKU and my 18JLU are setup pretty close other than i can the 6speed manual and hes got the 5 speed both have 35" tires. I tend to avg. 3-5mpg better on the hwy than the...
  13. Auto Start/Stop re-starts during stop

    this is 100% true!
  14. Auto Start/Stop re-starts during stop

    you're right, thats what i get for not daily driving my jeep! lol my silverado is the right side :facepalm: .
  15. Auto Start/Stop re-starts during stop

    use the right side up and down arrows on the steering wheel to scroll through the menus. i believe its menu number 8 or 9
  16. 33's on a Sport S

    315's/35's will rub the lower control arms at full turn. mostly because of the short axle width. zero issue's with my 315's and rubi axles
  17. Auto Start/Stop re-starts during stop

    this is due to many things. check the message display in the cluster and it will tell you why. Typically if the A/c is on it will come back on to keep the cabin cooling or heating depending on temp. and it can be because of voltage drop and needing to charge the battery
  18. Water just pours in when it rains

    its not that big of a deal..... even in heavy monsoon weather its a very small amount of water that gets in..... open door get in or out and shut door..... 3-4 seconds....
  19. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    honestly i would say its not a total loss. frames from the manufacture are only like 2K and there are a few members have bought total losses and done the frame swap them selves. and there are even a few that insurance covered the repairs. transmissions are not to price either. I glad everyone...