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  1. Something similar to the Mopar’s Performance Rock Rails?

    Ditto on this. I really like them but I have never used them as a step. They are narrow and not much lower than the door. If you can find them on a lot somewhere (don’t they come on the Willys?), check them out before ordering if the step part is important to you.
  2. How many 7's have you noticed?

    Both? On the gauges, if you divide them into eighths, like most do, you have to end up with 7 hash marks (plus the two endpoints) so I don’t think that one counts.
  3. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    Don’t the Rubicon, Sahara and Sport all share the same plates? How about the 4XE (iI have no clue). It seems to me like a nod to a history rather than a real specification. I would assume that the water fording depth of Rubicons and Sports differ by an inch or so but I don’t see anyone getting...
  4. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    I went through this with all four of my Jeep Wave oil changes. Told the service writer I wanted only 5 quarts and the paperwork always said 6 quarts. They re-did the change the first two times. The third time they claimed it was done correctly and it was just the paperwork that was wrong. The...
  5. Service 4WD Message

    I’m circling back on this after having this warning light on and off intermittently for about two years. Everything worked fine and there were no codes so I just let it go. The last time the light was on I put it into 4WD (which didn’t t work) and I think that’s what made it throw a code. I...
  6. Carpet on the back of the seat belt latch

    Seems random and not related to model year. I’ve got a 2018 with those on both front belt receivers.
  7. A Change in my Dashboard Screen

    On mine, the two screens are almost the same, but one has the instantaneous mpg reading on it.
  8. Jeep Announces New Sunrider Flip Top for Hardtop; Innovative Feature Available Now on Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Models

    I’m surprised that this hint about a possible upcoming retractable sunshade for the JL hasn’t received more attention. I only hope it’s true. Of course I have heard this before and have been waiting since 2018! I’ll be very happy if it comes to pass.
  9. Extremely high oil & Coolant temp?

    👍👍 This is exactly how I feel. I haven’t had that update yet, but probably can’t avoid it forever.
  10. What’s 6th gear for???

    US 50 - The Loneliest Highway. This is the type of road where I’ll use 6th and I’m happy to have it. On other highways if there is traffic and variations in speed I usually just stay in 4th. Not much traffic and cruising along I’ll use 5th.
  11. California Wet Okole Seat Covers - Full Set - New - Less Than Half Price - $250

    I think the front seat covers for the JL are all the same - at least they used to be. The 4xe is so new I’m not sure if that would be the same or not. They have a good customer service department who could probably tell you. Or if you’re interested I could give them a call and ask.
  12. Seat Comparisons (for my seat covers)

    I’d be inclined to check with / believe the manufacturer. If it fits a JL it should fit any year so far. Even if you could find a dealer who would let you take a peek, most seat covers take some effort and time to put on.
  13. California Wet Okole Seat Covers - Full Set - New - Less Than Half Price - $250

    Reducing price to $250 shipped. If they don’t sell now I’ll just store them for later.
  14. hard top detailing.

    I’ve been using Turtle Wax Ice on the whole Jeep - body, fenders, black top, bumpers - for almost 3 years now with great results. I’ve read a lot about the 303 protectant too but haven’t tried it.
  15. Manual - Clutch engagement - 2021 JLU

    The clutch gets a lot of complaints here. I don’t really have a problem with it, although it does seem to take a little more finesse than previous clutches I’ve had. If your’s is engaging at 3/4 of the way up that doesn’t sound right to me. You might be able to find another manual to test...
  16. California Wet Okole Seat Covers - Full Set - New - Less Than Half Price - $250

    It’s time to get these out of my living room! Price reduced to $275 (less than half price) with shipping to US included. If you like neoprene seat covers Wet Okole is the best!
  17. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    If you’re talking about lurching or bucking when going slowly in 1st gear (with clutch out) this seems to be something that occasionally happens and is “normal”. It’s been discussed here before and happened to me in previous manual Jeeps as well. You may have other clutch issues but I dont...
  18. Steering wheel dashboard navigation

    It’s normal. Think of it as going up and down a numbered list.
  19. California Wet Okole Seat Covers - Full Set - New - Less Than Half Price - $250

    Time to reduce the price and include free shipping. I’ve edited my post to show the current price of $350 and will ship to US for free.