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  1. Advice from 4xe owners

    You are a good target person for the 4Xe.
  2. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    I've pulled over 1200 pounds for over 100 miles and not lost torque. The lithium battery charges very efficiently at less than 15%, so the etorque motor can keep it charged for the 470 torque even when in use. There isn't constant use of electric as the 2.0 motor can tow in its standard form...
  3. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    There are lots of variables to gas mileage. I can only compare to my 3.6L with 37's which got a little over 12 mpg on this same route. No one can directly compare MPG. Even if I got the same, which I'm not, as my previous wrangler I'd have way more torque for the weight.

    I'm not going to do it but it is great work for those coming after you. I completely understand your reasoning as my last car was a 2016 6.2L Camaro 2SS. You can't beat the sound and one of the main reasons besides power I was originally looking at the 392. The final price of the 392 was just...
  5. Rubicon 4xe: any plans for lift and/or bigger tires?

    Definitely worth the trackbar and, as suspension parts, go it isn't super expensive.
  6. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    Wheels are 31 pounds each. I'm pretty astonished myself. I would be very happy with 21 to 20 miles.
  7. Rubicon 4xe: any plans for lift and/or bigger tires?

    I 2nd this as, while waiting for the trackbar, my springs were bowing to the sides a bit. Once the trackbar was put on, the bowing is very very minimal now.
  8. 4XE - Worse mileage than other motors (after battery depleted)?

    A lot of this depends on where you are at. It is around 15.5 kWh for a full fill which would be $1.55 where I live, so less than gas prices. I also didn't get 21.7 mpg with 3.6L setup. I'm getting better gas mileage with the 4Xe, along with my main buying reason of 470 torque. The electric...
  9. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    The diesel should do better for that distance. I only do this one day a week on average during the boating season. All my other driving miles are perfect for a 4Xe and not for the diesel.
  10. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    There should have been. The Mopar tire carrier for 37 and higher has a spot for the speaker.
  11. Blue accented wheels

    I've seen them in person and a lot of it is they are way more metallic in their look. As for wheels and tires, I have Black Rhino Overland and Falken 37's. I was getting 26 to 25 electric miles prior to the lift, tires and wheels. I'm currently getting between 24 and 22 electric miles. It...
  12. Blue accented wheels

    It is hard to tell in the picture but yes they are a different color and more metallic looking. I was still tempted as the eye would catch the wheels way more than the stickers.
  13. Tazer JL Mini

    Awesome to hear/read
  14. Poll: Do I need leveling + lift or just lift?

    I leveled with 3 inch in the front and 2.5 in the rear.
  15. Poll: Do I need leveling + lift or just lift?

    It is personal preference. The spacer lifts are setup to level and I believe the spring kits are also.
  16. Tazer JL Mini

    Mistakes happen. It is how they are handled which defines how good a company is with their customers.
  17. Tazer JL Mini

    Basically, paid for a mini and should have received a mini.
  18. Blue accented wheels

    2nd the black rhino wheels. They had a version in stock where I bought mine and the temptation was high. They had the top one on display. In the end I stayed conservative.
  19. Tazer JL Mini

    Isn't the price indicative of a mini and not a lite. If they sent a lite without an activation code, I'm guessing they sent the wrong tazer.