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  1. Mopar or Dynatrac 2" Lift

    I kept a few bags of rock salt in the back and we load it up with people every once in a while. Nothing real heavy though. No issues so far.
  2. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    Had a chance to run the Firestone MT2's (315/70r17) in deep snow up a 19deg grade and on streets in recent sub 20F and snow storm. Have performed stellar. Not like a dedicated snow tire but full confidence when driving.
  3. Speedflate air up/down system is legit!

    Mine is faster than individually airing up/down. The biggest benefit is the convenience (and it makes all 4 tires same pressure). Used it quite a few times and it is worth it.
  4. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    Never have subscribed to that rag. Do they ask for a VIN or some proof that you own the vehicle that you are commenting?
  5. Used Cooltech CB bracket to mount GMRS external antenna

    I miscommunicated. I meant just the cable and using an NMO mount and the correct antenna. I do not want to wire a new cable in place and just repurpose this one.
  6. GMRS for more than one vehicle

    I am using handheld radios that I can switch back and forth with the JK and JL - as well as take with me in the field to aid in recovery. Using the Btech GMRSV1 ( Now looking for another option to hardmount a unit in the JL to get more power. Will...
  7. Used Cooltech CB bracket to mount GMRS external antenna

    @millerjl Is there a way to use that gmrs mount with the CB antenna if you you wanted to sue it?
  8. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Last year I ordered a Zeon10s and winch plate from Northridge. They promptly sent me two winches and no winch plate. All documentation showed one of each and I was charged for one of each. As far as Northridge was concerned they sent me one of each. I promptly called them and told them of...
  9. GMRS antenna mounting

    Will that work with this cable? This is the one I am running.
  10. GMRS antenna mounting

    I have a CB mounted now but have switched over to handheld GMRS. Want to mount a GMRS set-up in the JL and be lazy by just using the existing antenna cable. Can use my CB cable and a GMRS antenna?
  11. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Just mounted a single ARB under the hood using the already there bracket (engine cover) that was shown in a video. Supper easy install with existing hardware and using the included hardware with the compressor. Rock solid and right next to the battery made wiring clean and easy.
  12. 37” BFG Ko2 AT vs 37” Nitto trail grappler mt

    Cannot speak to the Nitto but I have had two sets of KO2's. The set that came on my rubicon (33") and then went with them for 35". Changed out after 2-3 miles due to very poor mud traction and rock slinging. Switched to the Firestone Destination MT in 35". Love them on the trail. More...
  13. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    That is what he told his wife...
  14. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    You think? There will be ones who think Walmart should honor it and will threaten and try to sue.
  15. Dealership refuses to repair vehicle -- aftermarket lights connected to auxiliary switch

    Ok, now you have me concerned. Will 35" tires cause these issues as well??
  16. GMRS antenna mounting

    @DrPerez007 Is reception hindered on the tailgate? Would much prefer that over a front mount.
  17. Winches question from newbie

    @Zotch looks good - now get out and test it. they do not make you invincible but do give a little more warm and fuzzy knowing you can get out when you bury yourself
  18. Winches question from newbie

    Lot of going back and forth on synthetic vs steel. Both have plusses and minuses. Some love steel and would not use anything else - some the other way. Personally, I have used synthetic for 5 years and will never go back. For me there are no downsides. Research and decide for your self...
  19. Winches question from newbie

    I have the Rock Hard aluminum front and rear. Very strong. I have winched heavy stuff out of mud and no effects on the bumper. Have it on things and just scuffed. Besides being crazy light and strong - it will not rust. Expensive but worth it.