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  1. Jeep Reveal?

    Itll be a 2Dr 4Xe with avail XR package in a steel blue. Mine is 3 wks old. Id have to kill myself. Or immediately order a 22 and trade mine for a huge loss. . One or the other.
  2. Rear Anti-Rock with factory front SB disco?

    The CroMo arms can be bent back into shape with a vise and a sledge.
  3. Rear Anti-Rock with factory front SB disco?

    Thank you. Great input. Im thinking a rear AntiRock might give me more droop on a hanging tire. Right now with stock rear SB I can fully stuff a tire hard on the bump to the point my 315s actually rub a tiny bit.
  4. Rear Anti-Rock with factory front SB disco?

    Thank you for the input. I dont think anything is “wrong” with the factory rear SB. I had AntiRock on the front of my TJ and no SB on the rear. Worked well off road. On road it was a jeep, not a sports car. With my current Rubi I thought the factory disco would give great articulation and a...
  5. Rear Anti-Rock with factory front SB disco?

    Hey folks, just curious if anyone has kept their factory front swaybar disconnect and added the Currie rear Anti-Rock. If so, Pros? Cons? TIA
  6. Towing with D Ring? LOD D ring question as well.

    FWIW I towed my TJ from the D ring mounts with no issues. I have the LOD front bumper and tie in plates and plan to do the same. I use a raised hitch.
  7. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    😂. You guys are killing me.
  8. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    I bought some PB blaster but forgot to use it. Im over it now. Ill have a shop do it. Maybe check the tq on my ball joints as well. Jeep only have 400 miles on it.
  9. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    OK I am officially a failure. I but a socket on the bolt with a 1/2" breaker bar and used a jack to apply pressure to the head of the bolt to loosen it. Then I used my so called 1000 ft/lbs of removal tq electric impact wrench on the nut. It did not budge. Not a millimeter and the tool...
  10. How long did it take to get your 2 door?

    Love it. Rubi with the 2.0T. I much prefer the shorter wheelbase for around town and wheeling. 4 doors climb better but so what? How often do I need that extra wheelbase to make a climb? And if it is too gnarly, I'll go around. My ego is just not that big. Plus, the break over angle on the...
  11. Damaged rocker panel despite rock sliders

    From what I have seen you can do MUCH better with aftermarket. I would have loved to order my Rubi with factory slider/steps and metal bumpers but IMO for the money they are junk. I went with LOD front bumper and Rock Hard 4x4 Sliders and rear bumper.
  12. Jump Ship or What?

    If I have this right... You are four months into a 48 month lease and you want a different vehicle. You are going to take a huge financial hit not matter what you do. I am not going to offer advise or try to predict the future of vehicle prices. You just need to mentally prepare for a big...
  13. How long did it take to get your 2 door?

    I ordered a heavily options 2 Door Rubicon on 6/30/21 and picked it up from the dealer in Southern California on 8/31/21. That included a one week pre planned factory shut down.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the CoolTech Flat Tow wiring harness. A lot of steps but great instructions and nothing crazy. Still need to wire up the plug but Im waiting for additional parts so that I can fab up a custom mount.
  15. Need help deciding between two Rock Rails

    I went with Rock Hard sliders. I like them a lot
  16. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    Yesterday I was tilted enough to glance at the gage and it read 20*. It may have been a bit more before I looked. Im pretty sure my Rubi could go to 30* as it is stock height with slightly wider wheels/tires but mid 20s would for sure be the limit of my personal comfort zone.
  17. What's Your Most Overpriced Part Or Accessory?

    Same. Mine will be here Tuesday