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  1. Jeep Reveal?

    ”more than just a new color” would lead me to believe your are correct.
  2. Gold 392 Door Sills

    I wouldn’t want it but thought I’d share it.
  3. Gold 392 Door Sills

    just saw these on Instagram
  4. Tazer JL Mini's ---- No deals as of 9/13/21 AM

    Wow that was fast! I just made the post after checking an email I got today. Also verified the price on the website before posting.
  5. Tazer JL Mini's ---- No deals as of 9/13/21 AM

    I got the one on Amazon a few days ago, I prefer the Amazon deal over the $25 gift card. With the gift card I would just have to find something over $75 so I could get free shipping lol.
  6. Tazer JL Mini's ---- No deals as of 9/13/21 AM is showing to have them on sale for $280.46 with a $25 gift card.
  7. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Did you find out if these were 35s or 37s? I’ll probably order this combo, it looks great with the stock 392 lift.
  8. Tazer JL Mini's ---- No deals as of 9/13/21 AM

    Just got mine in the mail today also, now if we only had Jeep’s to use them on lol.
  9. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    I hope these don’t come out of the same factory lol
  10. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    I ordered a JLURD but I love all the bronze accents on this color. Suprized those are 17s, +1 offset most likely? Still having a hard time guessing tire size lol I only have two pics for reference. This one is a 35 This one is a 37, both have +1 offset on the wheels.
  11. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks for posting this!!! I’ve already bought all the bronze accents for my snazzberry. This picture may make me ditch my 392 wheels for these. Do you know if these are 37s with 18” wheels or 35s with 17” wheels? 20s are to big for me and the pictures I’ve seen this wheel in a 17” it normally...
  12. Wanna join the 15+ week club?

    You should be charging them interest for your deposit for having to wait that long.
  13. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Here is a 392 on 38s with factory wheels with functional beadlock ring.
  14. A jack for raising tires?

    There are plenty of options you can choose from if you Google “tire lifter”. The tire dolly looks pretty simple but I just use a prybar to lift semi truck tires.
  15. Anything else I should add to my build?

    Like everyone else says, get proximity locks. Once you have them it’s hard to go without them. Very useful if your hands are full. My wife doesn't have to dig for keys in her bag either.
  16. Wanna join the 15+ week club?

    The only date I had was an estimated ship date of 9/1 the dealer gave me a few weeks ago. Now that that’s passed and I’m back in D It makes the wait harder. I agree the lack of information is the worst part.
  17. Rich Jeepers

    I grow hamburgers and chicken tenders for a living. It’s nice not working for anyone but myself. It’s a lot of work but I have to stay occupied anyway. I save money where can, mostly by building my house by myself. I can’t bring myself to pay anyone for labor when I’m capable of doing it. Wife...
  18. Wanna join the 15+ week club?

    I orderd a JLURD fully loaded with half doors except I got a color matched 3 piece hardtop instead of the SOT. Ordered 13 weeks ago tomorrow, just recently dropped from D1 back to D. It might come before Christmas…
  19. Non-Wrangler Owners Ask the Dumbest Questions
  20. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    I just got my take off 392 suspension on friday, I’ll be putting it on a 3.0 rubicon. If the coil springs don’t work out right the shocks and longer sway bar lengths were worth it. I’ll probably get a bump stop kit, track bar, and front LCA’s. I’m debating whether to get the same tires you are...