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  1. ACE Engineering Bumper

    I ordered mine few days into July and I'm still waiting also. Reached out 3 weeks ago and was told would ship in 2-3 weeks, nothing yet. This weekend will be 11 weeks since I ordered. They sent the skid plate for the bumper about 4 weeks ago, I had ordered it at the same time.
  2. California Cavfab Tire Carrier

    Brand new in the box, just delivered a few days ago. Holds up to a 40" tire. For model year 2021+ (they make you specify this when ordering, not sure what exactly changes from 18-20 and 21+) Decided to go a different route, and won't be changing my tire carrier for a while now. $500, located...
  3. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    What lugs did you use? The ones discount gave me stick out like crazy compared to yours.
  4. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    Freshly installed bronze 703s 4.75 backspacing. Stock tires 285/70r17.
  5. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    get my 703 bronzes installed next week debating whether to step up to 315s. undecided whether i want 35s or 37s long term
  6. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    what size tire? 35s i'd guess
  7. Ace Stubby Pic Request

    Anyone have a pic of the ace expedition with ace skid plate and winch installed with no extra lights/bars?
  8. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Which warn winch model did you use? No issues with connectors of led fog lights pressing into the winch?
  9. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    I emailed Adams today whether a measurement was needed for a front driveshaft 21 JLUR with GC 2.5/3.5 and they said "Hello with the Gamechanger we will want it installed and measurements for the driveshafts". Maybe he just wants to verify things would fit properly
  10. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    Do you have a measurement for the shaft length for when you ordered it?
  11. Extra screws in new jeep

    Awesome my initial thought was correct. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Extra screws in new jeep

    Took delivery of my new JLUR on Tuesday! Had these 3 extra screws in the back. At first thought they went with the front license plate bracket but that looks like it has its own self tappers in its bag. Any idea what these are for?
  13. How did you decide on your engine?

    3.6 good old tried and true v6. Wasn't stoked that the owners manual recommended premium grade 91+ for the 4 cylinder turbo. Fuel economy savings negated imo. Also not stoked about the etorque stuff but oh well.
  14. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Also ordered from Rob in Irvine 5/10. Was in D1 status within 2 or 3 days. He said this past wednesday it was in transit and 4-5 days out. So tomorrow or Monday I'm going to pick mine up! Unlimited Rubicon firecracker red 3.6L automatic Black hardtop Tow package Body colored flares Front...
  15. Aftermarket Tire Carrier

    I'm looking at the cavfab tire carrier, but will need a spacer for stock wheels.
  16. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    Our jeeps might be on the same train together. Mine is in transit out west by rail right now, 4-5 days until it should be ready!
  17. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    Mine had the front cam option and was built within 3 weeks of my 5/10 order date. No gorilla glass or headliner (for those who didnt read my previous post)