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  1. Rearview Mirror Dimmer

    I mentioned it when we were in for service. They said it’s working as designed. Lol.
  2. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    I also told Quadratec, that their MSRP price comparison quote on a fully loaded 3.6 Rubicon was a little on the low side in their video. Rob said $54K. Our '19 Rubi sticked at almost $59k with every option but the turbo 2.0. That brings the price difference down to just under $20K. Still way...
  3. Analog Speedometer Error

    So when that issue happened that day, I shut off the Jeep when I got home and the speedo stayed at 11 mpg. I started it up and it did the sweep and went back to 11 mph. The next day when I got into the Jeep, I could see the speedo was back down to zero. All was normal then and it hasn't...
  4. What's your 3.6L JL parked voltage?

    I had the auxiliary gauges displayed yesterday in the off road pages. I noticed the voltage was reading 14.2v when driving and after ESS shut the engine off, it dropped to 12.2v. I thought that was quite a drop but maybe it's normal. As soon as the engine started up it went right back to 14.2v.
  5. Analog Speedometer Error

    This morning I'm driving in a 35 mph zone and I've got someone right on my ass. I look down at my analog speedo and I'm doing 51. Then I think to myself, it doesn't feel like I'm going that fast. I look at the digital speedo and it says 40. Wtf? I come to a stop at the next light at the...
  6. AUX Switches Prewired?

    Absolutely correct and great info, thanks. I used the #5 wire by the passenger footwell to power the dash cam. Works perfect.
  7. Gladiators! Who has one?

    Just don't expect more towing capacity with the diesel than the 3.6L and as a matter of fact, it is less. TFL Trucks just did a video on the upcoming diesel for the Gladiator and while it's 7,000lbs for a Rubicon with the 3.6L, it's only 6,500 with the diesel. Most likely because the Diesel...
  8. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    Interesting story on the events that lead up to the chase. Wow!!
  9. Help! Soft Top Emergency!

    Any update? Would just like to know in case it happens to any of us. Thanks.
  10. Looking to buy a battery tender

    I've got both the Battery Tender Jr and the Schumacher. Both great choices.
  11. Quadratec's New Tube Doors

    My problem is it's technically not even my Jeep, rather hers. My daughter told me yesterday that they other day, she and my wife were stopped at a light. A 4X4 pickup with two guys pull up next to them. The one guy smiles and says to my wife, "I love your husband's Jeep!" My wife looked at...
  12. Quadratec's New Tube Doors

    Just received Quadratec's new summer catalog in the mail yesterday. They featured Quadratec's new tubular doors. They look awesome and come with free mirrors. Anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.
  13. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Another great DIY video if it hasn't been posted already.
  14. 2018 Wrangler JL Soft Top problem....Please help!

    Don't know if this helps, but I always refer back to this video when putting on my soft top each spring. You can skip directly to the 14:00 mark,
  15. Has anyone tried to put a small V8 into their Jeep?

    Lite Brite put a SRT 6.4L Hemi in theirs.
  16. Racor Hoist System

    Available at Home Depot.
  17. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    Love our black Rubicon. The red accents really make it. Our second choice would have been a dark grey metallic, but we just came from that color on a different car and wanted something different.
  18. Performing Own Oil Changes

    I'm getting this back on track. Thanks for the info regarding the Penzoil Platinum 5qt jug and the Mopar filter at Wally World. Just ordered them online and they will be here next week. Just hitting 10K miles on ours. Figure I'd try it myself this time around.
  19. Made in the USA

    Warning Lights & Sirens Whelen - Chester, CT Feniex - Austin, TX SoundOff Signal - Hudsonville, MI Brooking Industries - St. Augustine, FL