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  1. Performance upgrades for 2.0t??

    The Jeep 2.0 GME is not the same as the Alfa 2.0 GME. A simple look under the hood shows that the Jeep is DOHC while the Alfa is SOHC. This means that the heads are different, the cam drive is different, the VVT is different, etc. etc. The block differences are explained here...
  2. Is idling or cooling off before turbo engine shut off still necessary?

    The turbo is liquid-cooled, and an electric circulating pump runs after the engine is shut off to lower the temp (this pump can be heard if parked in a quiet garage). This isn’t the 20th century anymore, no need to idle for five minutes before shutting off the turbo engine. .
  3. BG MOA engine oil supplement

    Caveat Emptor.
  4. FCA clarification on 2.0L & 91 octane

    Sadly there is little value here. No reliable repeatable data on mpg or hp differences. One or two vehicles doesn’t prove anything. People will usually resort to conformational bias anyway regardless of any “proof” offered. Just like vehicle break-in and oil changes, everyone knows what is...
  5. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Intercooler Pipe

    Maybe here. Yes I know it’s a pic of a JK, but the same thing should be available soon for the JL. I’ve used gauge pods like this on other vehicles, it provides a clean install, not in the way but easy to see.
  6. winter storage

    So he should fly >1500 miles twice a month just to “start it up”? [He’s a snowbird so he won’t be in the same part of the country.] He should be fine, just run the Jeep a few miles after adding the stabilizer to insure it’s distributed throughout the fueling system. .
  7. 91 vs 87, real difference?

    LOL. I don’t know what to tell you, mine shows a positive 8 psi at idle, when I advance the throttle the value increases, it does not drop to zero then increase. This instrument is reading the MAP sensor, the PCM needs to know that value to control the engine at different altitudes and...
  8. How much weight added vs. MPG...2.0t specific

    I’m sorry, that was meant to be a joke based on your typo of winch. Wench is a young woman, so.... .
  9. Asking for advice from all 2.0 owners - please

    Remember that the Alfa 2.0 engine is entirely different from the Jeep 2.0, so researching the two engines is hardly a direct comparison. They had different design teams, completely different heads, different VVT, completely different blocks, different tuning, etc. They do share the same...
  10. How much weight added vs. MPG...2.0t specific

    Anything over 120 lbs wouldn’t be a very desirable wench. Adding weight to any vehicle anywhere will degrade its performance, it increases the lb/hp ratio and the vehicle will accelerate more slowly and use more fuel to do it. The same reason toting an extra 500 lbs of people and gear slows...
  11. 91 vs 87, real difference?

    Believe whatever you want, but what does it read at idle? If it doesn't measure atmospheric, then you should see a negative value...vacuum. But you don’t, instead you see ~8 psi. Subtract atmospheric pressure and you are at 6 psi of vacuum...normal for idle.
  12. Asking for advice from all 2.0 owners - please

    Actually it “can” hurt, if you don't like getting a CEL. Some report getting the light, others don’t. As for value, to me it is in the same area as the “grounding wire” fad from a decade ago. I change oil every 5000 miles, and I see no change in oil level over that time period. So, where...
  13. 91 vs 87, real difference?

    Because that is not the boost pressure. The OBD2 reads MAP, not boost. You have to subtract atmospheric pressure, which is ~14.7 psi depending on DA. Your actual boost is about 10 psi. The gauge doesn’t depict fractions of a psi. .
  14. Rev limiter

    The 2.0 redline is well below the 6000 rpm shown on the JL tach, about 5600 in fact. The tach redline is puzzling, the same engine in the Cherokee has a different redline, see below. FWIW, the completely different FCA 2.0 in the Alfa also has the same lower redline on the tach, see below.
  15. 2.0 turbo making very loud noise when you step on the accelerator

    A roots type blower gives instant boost and power regardless of rpm because it is a positive displacement compressor. I know, I’ve owned three. A centrifugal blower does require a minimum rpm to develop usable boost, at low rpm it produces little. I know, I've owned one. The turbocharger...
  16. What octane is everyone running?

    Looks like no difference in mpg with different octane fuels.
  17. Buy a 19 JLR V6 or wait for the '20 Turbo?

    You realize that this is not true, right? You can use lower octane in the 2.0, lots of posts here about that. There is a performance advantage to 91 octane but for highway driving, little to no mpg difference. I use 91 only, but many use 87 or 89.
  18. Buy a 19 JLR V6 or wait for the '20 Turbo?

    He wants to be able to drive to his home rather that walk to it. In his experience the hardware difference on the Rubi is essential. That’s why. Yeah, all that electronic sh** is unreliable, he should just buy a new 1980 CJ-5. No fancy stuff there.......analog baby! .
  19. Normal noises for a 2.0?

    Yes, it could. My ‘15 Challenger’s injectors made the clicking noise when cold and the frequency increased as the rpm rose, although I haven’t heard it on the 2.0. .