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  1. JL owners with dogs

    Going to teach my dogs to do this:
  2. JL owners with dogs

    double Catahoula’d!
  3. MEK Body Armor

    I’m not sure, but no problems high speed driving and off-roading. We went through some deep puddles and lot of brush. You’d have to ask MEK how it works
  4. MEK Body Armor

    I had it on for a week. No residue at all. Came off with some effort. Just an amazing product.
  5. MEK Body Armor

    I’ll remove tomorrow and let you know.
  6. MEK Body Armor

    I happened across a manufacture of armor for the JL. I had an upcoming Jeep Jamboree and decided to buy the armor. It was easy to install and looked great. The 150 mile drive at 70+ mph was not and issue. Two days of tough trail riding and it stopped a lot of trail rash and still is intact...
  7. JL FOB Holsters

    Would be nice as a flask holster!
  8. JL Trektop

    I received a replacement top and so far a vast improvement over the original. I’m very pleased with the product and service from the BT team.
  9. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I saw the videos and from what I got out of them, the new Bronco turns you into a rock climber?
  10. Paint Protection Film/Ceramic Coat worth it?

    I look at my trail rash with pride! It’s a Jeep, so if you’re going to hit some tight trails, you’re going to come out with some scratches.
  11. My friends warned me...

    That’s the great thing about the Wrangler. You make it uniquely yours.
  12. Changes To Jeep Wave Membership [Clarification: Only Discounts on Jeep Merchandise Cancelled]

    I got the email today - I did not even know I had the Savings Network.
  13. Back glass exploded...again!

    I think it’s aliens, or big foots.
  14. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    I’m ready for a lift after these long stay at home days.
  15. Anyone installed grill inserts?

    Mine is from Under the Sun. Lots of inserts are not on their site.
  16. Anyone installed grill inserts?

    Representing the Coast Guard
  17. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    I’d be more likely to use google maps and parks paper maps.
  18. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    I pulled the app and it seems very good for hiking trails, but the couple off-road parks I looked for (Windrock TN, and Rausch Creek PA) were not located.
  19. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    I have thought about swapping my Rubi Red dash ferda leather. I wonder how much work that would be?
  20. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    Yes, the more fake plastic bolts the better the wheel! Best wheel to get if you just want to pretend you go off-roading.