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  1. article on the 4xe... thoughts?

    He's writing his personal experience and opinion. Take it with a grain of salt and keep reading others' commentary.
  2. Rear cup holders (or lack thereof) - Any options?

    I thought he mentioned it in the video, sorry! I think the Quadratec link is right though.
  3. Rear cup holders (or lack thereof) - Any options?

    There's a replacement piece available.
  4. WTF Jeep?

    It's not the only charging station in Moab.
  5. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    2.0 turbo: 270 hp, 295 lb/ft 4xe: 373 hp, 470 lb/ft I'll take the 4xe, thanks.
  6. Automatic charge port door

    For those of us who are coming from ICE vehicles it's as natural as putting the gas cap on and closing the door. 😉
  7. Freedom panel - barely fit in back

    Chris addressed this just the other day:
  8. Half doors now showing as available package for 4xe on configurator!

    Something to consider- half doors with the SOT and the side windows out is a really awesome look!
  9. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Also the poka-yoke feature of making it harder for the driver to not drive away with it plugged in.
  10. 4xe Lift Kit?

    Nena Barlow has a couple 4xe's in house now and one will be getting the full Nena treatment. We're watching with great anticipation!
  11. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    I've heard about it twice, I think?
  12. 4xe Lift Kit?

    We've heard that the 4xe Mopar list will be available May 1st. I know Teraflex just got their 4xe a couple days ago, and I know of one owner who is sending theirs to Rock Krawler for lift engineering. The options will be coming!
  13. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    Absolutely the same for me. If I can afford to commute in it *and* have that extra torque to make me happy, I'm all in.
  14. 4xe back seat mounting: same as standard JL? Compatible with Armorlite flooring?

    My hunch is that Armorlite will need to do a modification for the back seat area.
  15. Which level 2 charger to get?

    ClipperCreek makes the Jeep branded charger. I've heard good reviews.