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  1. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    I have only seen 1 sting gray on the road in Laguna Niguel and the one at Rebel. We should plan a OC meet.:beer::beer::beer::beer:
  2. Throttle Control Options !$?

    I went with Banks Pedal Moster/Data Monster. It hooks up to the OBD2 and is also a code reader. Records data on SD card. One safety feature I liked is it doesn't mess with the throttle when in reverse. Another thing is you can also change tire size eliminating the need for the Tazer if that's...
  3. How many 7's have you noticed?

    There are 7 ribs on the freedom top.
  4. How many 7's have you noticed?

    All about 5's then. 5 ways to break in, 5 tires, 5 lugs on 5 inch center.
  5. How many 7's have you noticed?

    There are 7 ways to break into it. 4 doors, tailgate and 2 freedom tops.
  6. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    I havent had the tires mounted yet, Hopefully in the next week or 2. 68293199AA for the Ram 1500 is also a Schrader 29057. I am wondering if at some point they will switch over to the Continental.
  7. Anyone Else Have The Same Mental Problem as Me?

    Give yourself some credit, you are doing good remembering half of them. Just tell its her list and she can do them herself. Especially with a new Jeep on the way, you will be busy with the upgrades.
  8. New TPMS sensors part for 2021+ models?

    That's my pic from when I was at the dealer trying to sort this out. This highlighted part is the same as a Schrader 29057. This part is used in many different vehicles and Schrader puts the different manufacturer part #s on them, about 40 different #'s. I was all set to get this so I could sell...
  9. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    No room in my driveway, 2 Jeeps parked. My yacht is in a slip at the harbor. Just hoping I can afford it in retirement. I retired 10 years ago but kept on working. My plan is Dec 22 to have the 392 paid off and fully retire.
  10. Rubicon 392 - A Little Info

    That is just about the same level of misinformation as in the rest of this post from Dec 20.
  11. TPMS Issue

    What's a good asking price? They will have about 200 miles on them. I have never posted anything for sale on Facebook.
  12. TPMS Issue

    I have the 68339096AB's showing up today. Mine was built 6/17, per Mopar they changed to this number on 6/5 builds. Hope it's correct. I wanted to leave the stock 392 wheels and tires as is for remount or resale.
  13. How can I find a 392 for my boss?!?!?

    It might look good after they finish it.
  14. How can I find a 392 for my boss?!?!?

    There are 2 black ones in South Calif, Orange Coast and Tuttle Click.
  15. Alright boys what are some Jeep things to do

    Call your insurance and get a umbrella policy.
  16. Can my dealer order without allocation?

    Mine was a non allocated order. It arrived before 2 of their allocated orders. For awhile only orders with customer names were being built. It was 100 days from order to dealer.
  17. Hellcat Rubicon for sale @ Lewisville Autoplex

    Something seriously wrong with it. He is on it and cars are passing him.
  18. Anyone using Banks Pedal Monster/Data Monster

    Just looking for feedback that it works. I ordered 64333 with Data Monster. Would like some tips on how and where you mounted the gauge. I tried the Pedal Commander and had issues and poor customer support.