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  1. Aux and Main Batteries Dead

    Interesting they had it sitting around so long. Kind of surprising as the flooring costs to keep inventory sitting usually gets pretty high so they really discount units to move them along. I'm betting they won't know anything about what was done to your Jeep last year especially if the...
  2. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    Wish I could but I am challenged on operating a computer even on a good day. It's 7 pages titled Addendum update on Raising the soft top in the "Getting to know your vehicle section of the manual. sorry I couldn't help more.
  3. Main and Aux batteries complete specs?

    They are AGM batteries with the primary being either 700 or 800 amps. The part numbers from my work order on recent replacement are as follows, Primary BBH7A001AA and secondary battery BBAUX101AA. If you look those two numbers up on line it will give you some info.
  4. Aux and Main Batteries Dead

    Sounds reasonable however for me that would be above my pay grade i am afraid. Additionally i paid up front for extended warranty as well as service policy and that kind of project would scream out to the dealer on future claims. Good luck to you but for me i will have to live with it until it...
  5. Aux and Main Batteries Dead

    Posted on another blog but just went through the twin dead battery issue with my 2 year old JLU. Car sat for about 6 days leading up to the failure but that should not be enough to kill both batteries. Took quite a bit of power to get it started but tow truck was able to finally get it to turn...
  6. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    Just had my hard top JLU in for another warranty service and they "fixed" that recall. They attached about 4 pages of quarter window instructions for the soft top ( which i don't have) to the repair order and show it as fixed?? So am I to understand my dealer repaired a recall for soft top JL's...
  7. Batteries are dead after 5500 miles

    Old thread i am aware but I just had both batteries fail on my 2018. Been on lock down so this is the first time the Jeep sat for about 6 days and then deader than dead. Two years and about 24K miles . Has to be the worse experience i have ever had with automotive batteries. From what i am...
  8. Cracked Windshield Club

    Wasn't aware , thanks. I'll look into it for California insurance. Either way i'm sure a couple of claims and they will drop the coverage. In my experience they aren't in business to pay claims and don't take kindly to writing checks to customers. Interestingly enough they are very...
  9. Cracked Windshield Club

    What backing up everywhere I need to go is off the table?:like: Not so sure insurance is the answer. A couple of $800. repairs and suddenly my insurance goes up for all my vehicles . . Usually try and resist using insurance at all cost so it's there when and if i really need it .
  10. Cracked Windshield Club

    So 18000 miles and on my second windshield and just had another pebble strike on freeway putting me on notice for windshield #3. Anyone come up with anything to avoid this constant repair? While I did have one replacement with my JK that was from a BB pellet hit on the road. Never road strikes...
  11. Dealer messed it up again and used 7.5 quarts of oil

    Went through the same think. Now they are insisting that in spite of what the invoice says (6) they are putting in 5 quarts. Claim it takes a bit over 5 so they pull 6 quarts from parts ..
  12. 2018 JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    Bump..anyone interested in these Rock Sliders off my 2018 JLU Rubi??
  13. 2018 JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    Still got them?? Taking up much needed space.
  14. 2018 JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    Geez.. seems like no one wants these things. Starting to look like I should have left them with the shop that installed my after market RR and steps..
  15. Sold: 2018 JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    For Sale new take offs JLU Rubi. Rock Rails in Los Angeles area. $75.00 with your pick up. Won't ship...
  16. JLU (4DR) JLUR Rock Sliders

  17. What’s in the Bag???

    Got the aux switches option but no bag with those items... This Jeep is fun! Each week brings a new discovery. So far most of them have been disappointing.
  18. JLU Rubicon comes without floor mats?

    Sadly so typical. I want to believe there are competent professional Dealerships and car salesman but it is so hard sometimes. My father was a car salesman and manager when I was a kid ( many decades ago).. I loved going to the dealership with him and watched how he interacted with new and old...
  19. "It's a Jeep thing" Tolerance

    Don't assume the dealer/ salesman actually know anything about what they are trying to sell... I suspect most of the folks frequenting these sites are much more knowledgeable than most of the sales people at the dealer about the product. My sales person delivered my $55K Jeep and tried to...
  20. Yellowing grille on Bright White? Fix?

    In my experience every dealer service department is different. I have seen some customers handled with no issue and others come in with the same problem only to be denied warranty help. Sometimes it takes a little "grease" to get things going your way ( and it should not by the way) . But it is...