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  1. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Well I'm scheduled to pick it up tomorrow but I had to stop by the dealership and see it....
  2. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    8/5, and dealer confirmed the order was received 8/7.
  3. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just got word mine arrived at the dealer 9/14, waiting to hear from my salesman....sent him a message, Just a little longer now!
  4. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Gecko Rubicon 4xe Cloth Black Hardtop/fenders Both safety packages Proximity entry Towing / electrical Cold weather Steel bumper Trail cam Hardtop headliner Trail rail system All weather mats Tailgate reinforcement hinge 8/5: ordered 8/7: Conformation form the dealer order was accepted, I...
  5. Safe to leave 4xe plugged in for multiple days

    The charge until full setting is for when you have a schedule set, you can set it to charge from 11pm to 1am and it will stop charging at 1am, or charge until full so at 11pm it will start charging and charge until full even if it takes the charge time past 1am.
  6. carrying extra gas?

    Those cargo carriers will not make it out to the area he's going. Well it won't make it in any useable condition. Haha
  7. carrying extra gas?

    Yeah the ferry is closed from the low water levels, and yeah the store at Hite is sometimes closed especially in the off season. We had roads washed out on that trail out before but we were able to get though, if not we all would have probably been out of gas. So yes extra fuel is a very very...
  8. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Congrats to everyone! I'm dying for mine to show up!!! It will be worth the wait, but I definitely want it sooner than later.
  9. carrying extra gas?

    Usually we run from Green River through the desert to the ranger station, stay at one of the campgrounds, on the way out to the Dollhouse, then out to Hite to Hanksville or out the long way through the Dirty Devil river....we drove in from 124 I think it is once or twice.... usually used both 5...
  10. Has anybody been to the Doll House? (Canyonlands Maze District)

    Sounds like a great time, White Rim is long but not too rough overall. Yes that is a very popular trail, it's been a while since I've done that and longer since I've done Elephant Hill ....I did Maze to the Dollhouse in spring of 19'. I think I've been to the Maze about 5 times or so. Have a fun...
  11. carrying extra gas?

    I use the same ones gtx uses, carried them inside the Jeeps many times, as does a buddy. Never had them leak or release any fumes. There are knockoffs which I would stay away from. The genuine cans are excellent. I usually don't need them but for Maze District of Canyonlands and a trip to the...
  12. Has anybody been to the Doll House? (Canyonlands Maze District)

    Yes I have been there a few times, most of the trail is pretty tame until you get to Teapot Rock, from there to the Dollhouse is very rough and technical. Picking lines and going slowly will be basically non stop. I've done it in my TJR, JKUR and also my WK2. It's a very remote and amazing...
  13. Just Curious What a Yearly State Vehicle Inspection is Like

    Utah, at least in Salt Lake County they did away with the safety inspection/emissions and just have a emissions test every other year till the vehicle is 5 years old I think then emissions every year till 25 years old or something....I haven't had a vehicle past the 5 year mark in a while. Usual...
  14. Rich Jeepers

    I'm good with it, I'll be 47 next week so it's way in the past now.
  15. Rich Jeepers

    I had planned to have kids, but life doesn't always go according to your I am living with the consolation prize which is actually pretty damn good really.
  16. Rich Jeepers

    DINK - dual income no kids, and a small townhouse with a small mortgage and utility bills. I'm not rich but after putting some money away for retirement eventually and the usual bills, food....the rest can go to stupid stuff haha.
  17. Kenda Klever KR601 RT 35x12.50R17 1000 Mile Update

    I'd love to see some pics once you get them on!
  18. Kenda Klever KR601 RT 35x12.50R17 1000 Mile Update

    Great review, these are on the list in a 35x10.50x17 at some point. I have always liked a taller narrower tire. Usually less weight and rolling resistance, while easier to fit with less lift and usually no need for wheel spacers or new wheels. I wish more companies made 35x10.50s.
  19. How to setup my small fridge to run for a day and not hurt the battery.

    I believe most power stations are 10 amps draw max, unless it has a high amp output from the battery any air compressor that would run on it would have to be fairly small, some of the larger power stations may be able to run one on the AC output but I'm not sure.
  20. How to setup my small fridge to run for a day and not hurt the battery.

    A Jackery or other power station is a good option, but over 4 Jeeps and about 10 years I ran my ARB 50 with ARB wiring kit, off of the battery in the Jeep for usually 2 nights between driving or running the engine. Your voltage drop is probably related to the sizing of the wire. The wiring kit...