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  1. Battery terminal additional studs

    Get both metric and inch, although so far everything I've found on the Jeep is metric.
  2. Battery terminal additional studs

    A thread pitch gauge and caliper will tell you and are good additions to your tool box.
  3. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    My '20 JLR has 91,658 Miles on it. Everything works perfectly and always has. The engine is as quiet and smooth as it was when it was new. The performance is better, now that the engine has turned over 180,000,000 revolutions it spins free and revs quick. It has received regular maintenance...
  4. Disabling MDS

    For now I'm going to run it as it is, thanks for the offer.
  5. Gold 392 Door Sills

    You strike me as a man who has more important things to do.
  6. Disabling MDS

    I'm retired and drive a lot, coast, mountains, shooting spots, remote favorite places, etc.
  7. How long will Jeep offer the 392?

    I can't figure out whether to agree or disagree. I love my 392 and make excuses to drive it; such as going to lunch in small towns a couple hundred miles away. I guess I agree because I'm also a dinosaur but I'm going to burn as much gas as I can with it while I'm able! I also lived through the...
  8. Exhaust note change

    Far as I know, they all work that way.
  9. Disabling MDS

    After driving it a few thousand miles I’ve decided to leave it alone. I’m not too worried about the anecdotal lifter failure tales. After all if all the stuff reported on this forum about the 3.6 was going to happen, by now my ’20 JLR with 91K miles on it should have required new rear main seal...
  10. Water just pours in when it rains

    Owning these damned jeeps is just a PITA all the way around. If you aren't wet, dirty, hot, muddy, frozen, tired or terrified you are plannning and waiting to get that way.
  11. Jeep's response to Silver VS gold tailgate Plates

    I'm not seriously taking these tags as a guide to safe fording depth. I see that tag as a bit of fun nostalgia. I'm not that interested in submerging all the gear cases, wheel speed sensors without a good look at gear case vent heights, sensor wiring connections, etc.
  12. So how do you like the 392 as a DD?

    I've been a mechanic for 55 years. I don't use torque wrenches on common service items such as this. The drain plug on the 392 is a nice o-ringed flange bolt, 13mm hex, 8x1.5mm threads.Torqued to about 20 ft lbs it will never strip or give any kind of trouble. I don't know what the factory...
  13. So how do you like the 392 as a DD?

    So after picking up the 392 10 days ago, initial oil change at 1000 miles and now at 2500 I’m getting used to it as a DD. I’m not going to do any real (dirty) 4 wheeling with it for a while as I still have my beloved ’20 JLR for that, but so far everything works perfectly. The power is linear...
  14. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    I'm not fording any water crossings any where near 32" deep, at least not intentionally. I'm starting to think these Jeeps are pretty sensitive. I'm thinking a 392 with the wrong tag wouldn't run very well. Not until it has the right tag. The inside of my tailgate is painted with wrinkle...
  15. Picked up the 392 Tuesday

    It is the Uconnect app. The communication from your phone to the Jeep is handled by Sirius. The information for creating passwords, pin numbers and registration for this is included in the documents provided at sale. If you don't have them try SiriusXM Guardian Customer Care (877) 320-5761.
  16. Picked up the 392 Tuesday

    I think Chrysler's MDS system is superior to GM's. I think they have ironed out the problems they had with the early units, similar to the rocker problem on the early Pentastars, the later ones have been reliable, my '20 has 91,000 + miles on it and it idles quiet and smooth as glass with all...
  17. Picked up the 392 Tuesday

    392 came in by truck to Cottage Grove late Monday night. Got a look at it, went back Tuesday after lunch and picked it up. Put 1000 miles on it and changed oil and filter yesterday. I kept my '20 2 dr Pentastar powered Rub equipped identically to the 392 sans trail cam. The 392 is different than...
  18. How can I find a 392 for my boss?!?!?

    Price includes $10K "market adjustment". Personally I would not have a black jeep.
  19. Where do the 392s Live?

    Mine is built and shipped 8/3. Been a long wait. I've never seen another except in pictures and videos. No one I know is ordering one. In fact my family and friends think I am crazy. I've always been crazy. I've also always had a shit ton more fun!
  20. Clutch problems

    So what is broken? Clutch is pretty simple: throughout bearing operated by clutch slave cylinder, pushes on fingers, fingers pivot, pulls pressure plate away from clutch disc while compressing pressure plate springs, release pedal; springs push clutch disc and sandwich it between flywheel and...