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  1. Right rear tow hook.

    Right now there is no OEM passenger side tow hook (nor have I heard about talks about one)
  2. Is the rear tow hook on the same as the JK?

    JK hooks are not compatible with JL Wranglers and vice versa
  3. Does anyone make a red passenger-side rear tow hook for the Rubicon yet?

    (sorry for posting in an old thread) Right now there's nothing in the works for a passenger side like the JK had. Its very easy to mirror the part as previously mentioned, but basically none of the tools could be used for the passenger side so all new tools would have to be made. I've also...
  4. JLU Rubicon Come With 1 or 2 Rear Tow Hooks?

    Yep it was me! Green is the JK red is the JL. There is no passenger hook currently.
  5. Rubicon Rear Tow Hooks. Can you add a RIGHT one like the JK?

    Yep the bolt pattern is different and loop is shorter even on the JL. (JK vs JL)
  6. WTB: JL Rubicon Red Tow Hook Set

    Mid West Fabricating. We also made all the JK rear hooks. We strictly sell to FCA and cannot sell to the public though.
  7. WTB: JL Rubicon Red Tow Hook Set

    Hello! Just a heads up there is no rear passenger side JL Hook yet (we make them)