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  1. Fuel Filler Discriminator, Ecodiesel

    Yup. That'll work. I bought two, one to keep in the trunk of the jeep, and the other in the garage for adding fuel additives.
  2. Trail Cam from Gladiator to Wrangler

    If you installed a 'back-up' camera in the front of your rig, ya'd have to do a little re-wiring to prevent the displayed image from being in reverse (i.e., left being right, and right being left)
  3. 2020 + Wrangler Diesel Builds

    Just installed the weather tech floor mats. They fit great. They are pricey. Don't know how they compare with the mopar premium mats. I like how these snap into place and snugly fit the contours of the floor. Front and back.
  4. 2020 + Wrangler Diesel Builds

    Just took delivery of my sweet JL Rubicon ecoDiesel yesterday. The dealer said it may be the first one sold in AZ. Not planning on anything serious yet. Just some minor upgrades to start: hood lock, wheel locks, weathertec floor mats. I'm looking at adding a winch (warn 10s platinum), then...