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  1. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    I would also like to know on the tube doors, they look like nice ones:)
  2. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    This is the truth ,the new Jeep and the diesel is a beast. We already have 4000 miles on our in just 3 weeks. My son is cruising ours right now down in AZ and loves it :like: :clap::beer:
  3. Diesel JL Club Thread

    Looks GREAT, Mopar lift and 35's is a awesome setup :like:
  4. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    I get to pick ours up this coming Tue/Wed:rock: Here is a photo of it sitting on our dealers lot.
  5. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great, I am also a fan of the red :like: I
  6. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I placed our Jeep Rubicon Diesel order on 10/29 our dealer said it was supposed to be in Utah a few days ago on 11/29 and then its just a few days to reach Nampa ID. I checked with Jeep chat today and they said it should be to the dealer by January 21, so who has the right information? I...
  7. Costs

    If one gets a good deal on there Wrangler diesel purchase, I don't really see there is always a 6k more in costs then gasser. in fact I have seen some guys that there new Jeep gasser purchase cost more then what some of us diesel guys paid for our diesels. :facepalm::giggle::idea: Also if it...
  8. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Its best to call your dealer and ask for you sales man, tell him you would like to know the status of all your questions. I to was emailing and texting our dealer I am working with, and was getting no response. So I called him and found out that our Rubicon we ordered on 10/29 has a code of KZ-R...
  9. warn locking hubs.

    Thanks for posting this information, I was wondering if lockouts were available for the 18 and up JL. Do you know if these will bolt right onto a new Rubicon wrangler? If so I am going to order a set :like:
  10. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    Great real use and mileage report :like: besides the mpg, would you say that your Jeep is meeting the rest of your expectations and of course the FUN factor?
  11. Diesel: 19.6MPG Towing 6x12 Trailer 400 Miles

    Yes sorry, I guess I need better glasses :surprised:
  12. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    Good information, :like: that's funny with all our different thoughts between models. I just frove a sport diesel today and thought how quite it was and the torque is great.
  13. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    I did order our 2021 Rubicon, went with Petersons in Nampa ID. Our build : Diesel engine, dual top with tan soft top and black hard top, tow package,slush mats, and Sarge Green awesomeness :like: can't wait.8
  14. Bike rack options?

    Nice setup, where was this photo taken at?
  15. Recommended Dealers List

    Thanks for the information, I did give Antonio A call he seems pretty straight forward. Right now I am still working with Petersons in ID, they do like to keep the loan through them for 6 months, you can do your own financing but they add like 2K to the price. I am getting a bit over it at this...
  16. CELeste: P2297, P2459

    How did you like driving your Jeep to Maine, Also could you give us a MPG report? Hope your codes get cleared up, and past issues stay past issues :beer:
  17. Would you trade JL for JT?

    Had a JT on order, canceled that and ordering a wrangler today. I have been to many dealers and have drove a number of both, the wrangler is more fun and I have a truck already
  18. Order screw up Help!!!

    I just canceled my Gladiator order and they sent my deposit right back to our bank :like: Now I am about to order our Wrangler Rubicon. I have only found 2 dealers that I have called that said no refunds.
  19. Order screw up Help!!!

    You can cancel your order and order from another dealer, I am finding that most dealers will refund your deposit?