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  1. Best/favorite mod or upgrade for $150 or less?

    I second this. I have two of them. They've come in quite useful.
  2. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got new shoes! It's amazing how simply changing the tires and wheels makes such a big difference
  3. Jeep In Thought's Garage

    Jeep In Thought's Garage

  4. Putting New Wheels On In The Winter?

    AH - put this in the wrong spot. Supposed to be in wheels and tires. OK. So this may be a dumb question but bear with me. I just ordered new wheels. The weather is going to crappy here in the North East for the next few months. Would it be worth it to wait on installing the wheels until the...
  5. Offset/Backspacing And Tailgate Question

    OK. Thank you. Is there a certain type/size of stop I'd need? I'm new to all of this, so I'm learning as I go along. And trying to figure out where I can find that as well. Thanks again
  6. Offset/Backspacing And Tailgate Question

    So I just ordered Pro Comp 34 series wheels and will be getting BFG ko2's 285/70/17. The pro comps have a 0 offset, and 4.75" backspacing. WIth the 285/70/17 Ko2's and this wheel, will there be any issues of it fitting on the stock spare tire carrier? I've done some digging and searching on...
  7. Rust and touch up

    When it comes to cleaning with this type of minimal surface rust do you need to sand down or use a wire brush?
  8. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    Ok good to know. Thanks again. Was wondering how they were mounted.
  9. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    Thanks. Looks Good. I've got Iron Cross steps that are mounted through the body not the frame, so I'll have to see if this interferes with those.
  10. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    Sounds like a solid plan for full protection. Keep us in the loop with how it all works out
  11. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    Those look great. Thanks for sharing.
  12. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    @PowerGuy I haven’t seen these. Just looked them up and see them on CJ Pony Parts. These are interesting. Do they interfere at all with side steps? Have any pics of what it looks like on your Jeep?
  13. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    @Pic18 - Yeah. I’ve been looking into this as well. I’m thinking about it. I Watched the installation videos. Not sure how well I’d do with it lol. Probably lots of trial and error to get it right. But I’m leaning in this direction. Thanks for the tip
  14. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    @American Adventurist -That’s what I’m looking for too. I’d prefer not modifying something to make it work. Hahah or maybe I’m just lazy lol
  15. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    I've been doing a little research on the door sill guards. I've seen pros and cons to a bunch of them like Mopar, Quadratec,Rugged Ridge, even on protective film, etc. I was even looking at a set on Amazon as well...
  16. Is this amount of rust normal?

    Who did you use in NJ to apply it all? I'm in NY so I'm looking for someone good to handle this.
  17. Is this amount of rust normal?

    Ah ok. Definitely thinking about doing some sort of rust coating/ undercoating now. Thanks
  18. Is this amount of rust normal?

    I picked up my jeep a week and a half ago. I was doing a little inspection on it yesterday after it was washed and I noticed a bunch of rust which wasn't there when I picked it up. Now, it was driven in a bit of snow, and in some rain the first week. So I expect some basic surface level rust...
  19. First wrangler EVER! 2019 Sahara order

    @ BrntWS6. I don't believe so. They're in a smaller town. They do a decent business, but not like places like Criswell or Koons in Maryland