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  1. JLU All Weather Cargo Mats - Missing Grommets
  2. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    I walked away from a Gladiator trade-in one month after purchasing a new 2020 JLU. I was having buyer's remorse cause the Glad was what I initially wanted but ended up walkng away with the JLU because of inventory. After a month of owning the JLU the "what-if's" were eating me up so I went back...
  3. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    I use a rain gear cover as well. Love it!
  4. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    BTW, here's a great video to watch on taking it on/off... this guy has a great system. This is how I do it too, except I don't tie down the straps unless it's really windy and I just roll it up and store it in the bed. Easy pessy!
  5. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    I'd suggest giving them a call to make sure their definition of a "bikini top" matches what you think it is. I have the "trail cover" because I got it to use when my hardtop is off. I have a Jtop on as well... everything works perfectly together.
  6. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    I've got Rain Gear on my 2020 JLU here in FL and love it. I take my hardtop off for weeks at a time and have a JTop sunshade that i keep on when I go topless. When I go to the beach, softball fields, or anywhere I either want to minimize the chance of rain, beach sand, etc... or just want a lil...
  7. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    Nope, probably 1-2" off. I could crank it up higher if I needed to though.
  8. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    Your comment about "lining up the Jeep" is why I ended up going with the rollinjack over an above hoist as well. Love that I can just back the jeep into the garage, roll the rollinjack over to the jeep, pop the top, then roll it back to where I park my jeep. Because it you can roll in over the...
  9. Antenna- shorter but still decent reception?

    Following. Live in FL (Tampa) too and tried several smaller one's but notice signal issues. Since I do listen to AM (Sports Talk Radio & Rays) & FM as well I need something to maintain a decent signal.
  10. Buying Cargo Mat Grommets Parts?

    Thanks! I just grabbed some as well... offered $14.95. :-) "Cargo mat grommets"
  11. Help!! Identify this ....

    Curious what you installed. If you have that info I'd love to see what ya installed.
  12. Rear Cargo Mat Help

    Following as I'm looking for one too, but have the same concerns. I like the mopar mat for grip... but don't like that it doesn't cover the entire bed.
  13. Can we discuss sun shades? Best with top on.

    I bought a Jtop a few months ago as well for my 2020 JLU... very pleased with it! I now leave my JTop in place and use my RollnJack to take top on/off... no problems at all.
  14. Would you trade JL for JT?

    I bought a 2020 JLUS and had 2nd thoughts a week later after seeing a JT with basically the same features except the engine (JLUS had 2.0T where JT had V6). I actually went back to the dealer and he was gonna make me a sweetheart deal to get moved over to the JT. They let me have the JT for the...
  15. Gas type in Jeep

    Some folks that commented on that thread indicating that they saw better mileage... me, not so much. My intent is mainly to try to run cleaner, more efficient gas to avoid any muck buildup issues because of the 2.0T since it's obvously a lil more sensitive than the V6. I've had the V6 on three...
  16. Gas type in Jeep

    I actually brought this up when I bought mine earlier it the year. The net of the posts was that most folks felt that it was a good idea and used the higher octane gas. I personally have been doing every other fill-up with 91.