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  1. 4xe Wheelin' in PA last Sunday!!

    That's what they are there for!! I see a jlwranglerforums outing in the future!! Could be cool!!
  2. New York Rubicon Rock Rails OEM

  3. New York Rubicon rock rails

    Still available?? I'll be up that way in 2 weeks and can grab them.
  4. 4xe Wheelin' in PA last Sunday!!

    We didn't go on one of the BOH days... when we got there we spoke with our guide and told him we wanted to do Trail 11... talk to them when you book and let them know what trails you want to complete.
  5. Jeep Badge of Honor help needed

    Yeah Steve... that's the only info I have.... they don't make it easy to get a hold of them. Thanks!
  6. Jeep Badge of Honor help needed

    Hey all, Completed a trail a few weeks ago, submitted the request for the badge in the app while at the trail. Envelope arrived the other day, but looked like it was ripped and taped over and the badge was missing!! :( I emailed the program a few times and have not gotten a reply back yet...
  7. 4xe Wheelin' in PA last Sunday!!

    If it wasn't for the running boards he had on his Sahara, he would've been able to complete every obstacle!! He only had to take a bypass twice. I was super impressed on how well his Jeep performed!!
  8. 4xe Wheelin' in PA last Sunday!!

    Thanks!! It was a BLAST!! Have you done Crawler Ridge? Is it really the 5-9 that the Jeep BOH app says it is?? I'm sitting stock suspension with 35's.
  9. 4xe Wheelin' in PA last Sunday!!

    Took my Rubicon 4Xe out to =AZVr5wblgjSzoBZmO-Dz-lfCL8od9rxQF3dtUHM9bboQtuKUymAoo9yeqZ_Pp3fPZAV2hvQU9rCqRn-iwqQfSlUfpDtWGMN0f9oTbeGcjhurYiDHQKZxnKEeVXk-_CiJ2r5nP9hqg-UpmuEeGh8QDuB_duYo3iVfE1z7Wb-85LwPtal5xWN0EM1nrmBFVn8kqMQ&__tn__=kK-R']Rausch Creek Offroading Park in PA to do some wheeling last...
  10. Bumper mounting options

    So I got another notification the other day that the Quadratec brackets will be on back order until the end of August, and I still don't want to drill into a Jeep with 3000 miles on it to put on the Mopar brackets, so I got creative.... I pulled the plastic fascia behind the bumper out, ran to...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks great!! What brackets did you use for the bumper lights? Quadratec mounts are backordered until the end of the month and you have to drill and cut to use the Mopar ones, which I don't want to do.
  12. Bumper mounting options

    If I spend any more large amounts of money on another thing for the Jeep I'm going to end up living in it!! She will kick me out!! LOL I'm just impatient.. not really looking to drill any hole in anything. Just have to wait and be patient!
  13. Bumper mounting options

    I've searched and searched and the only two bumper mounting options I can find for my JL 4Xe, (plastic bumpers) is the Mopar brackets and the Quadratec brackets. I've heard that the Mopar ones are a PITA to install, and require cutting and drilling, which I don't want to do on my Jeep with 2100...
  14. Rubicon Going To 35s

    Thanks!! I'm just going to deal with it for now.. at 60mph it will read 64mph so I guess I'll never get a ticket!! (I hope I'm right about that!! LOL)
  15. Rubicon Going To 35s

    It's New Tire Tuesday!! Just finished putting on 315/70/R17's on stock Rubicon wheels with no lift kit: Before: Halfway done f/ comparison: After: (sorry, started raining and didn't have a chance to clean them): I love the way it fills the wheel wells a bit more! Can't wait to clean...
  16. Jeep 80th Anniversary Commemorative Badge / Decals and what not! I LOVE MY JEEP!!

    Plus, there is an American flag in the Jeep on the badge.. Drivers side should appear to fly "normal" whereas the passenger side will appear backwards.. same as when you put flag stickers on your Jeep.
  17. Need recommendations

    Hey all, I need some recommendations for 6 in round LED's for the front bumper on my 4xe Rubicon. I'd love to get KC's, but the price , although I'm sure its worth it, is a but out of budget for me right now, and the Quadratech LED's ( )...
  18. First time out with the new 4xe on the sand!!

    Took the new 4xe on the beach for the first time yesterday!! The coolest thing was watching people take a second look when I drove by them with no sound!! The Jeep didn't skip a beat, ran perfectly, and did not try hard once on the sand! What a great experience!! Can't wait to get back out...
  19. Love my Rubicon 4xe, but this drives me crazy!

    Guess you missed the part where I said it was insignificant. But thank you, for reminding me why I rarely participate in forums... thought this one was going to be different, and it's been great so far, but there you are. Sorry if I have nothing more exciting to talk about....