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  1. How to get more power with better gas mileage

    Sadly, no - not from experience. Just something on the wish list. I have watched a number of reviews on the Edelbrock, and there is a Magnuson install vid on YouTube you can check out? Seems to cover it quite well:
  2. How to get more power with better gas mileage

    Trip to the shop to get a quote on the installation of an Edelbrock Supercharger for your 3.6L V6 Pentastar: $12.80 Edelbrock Supercharger kit order: $6,798.00 Labour and install: $1,920.00 Thrill of the ride home: Priceless.
  3. How to get more power with better gas mileage

    your best bet, to keep it cheap: 1). Only drive downhill 2). Only drive when you have a really strong tail wind. Those two things will give you the best mileage possible, bar none - and they’re both free! 😁 Failing those two things, if money is no object, then the Edelbrock Supercharger...
  4. Thoughts on trade in value?

    Before you take it and ask the dealer - which is what you need to do, for the love of God get that JL professionally detailed. I have seen - and even test driven - vehicles people turned in to the dealer that were full of dog hair and garbage. What determines value? More than anything...
  5. How long will Jeep offer the 392?

    I’m with you. The current Regime won’t permit the sale of these engines to continue; not for long…. Enjoy it while you can!
  6. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    If this is a poster or print, I want one!
  7. Am I really this dumb?

    Thanks for that - but I won’t share this with my wife. She was really quite enamoured with the Liberty and had I not poured cold water all over that idea…. Well, she would be a proud Jeep owner too! 🤐
  8. I never thought I’d say this

    Yep. Our southern / west coast Brethren don’t get the joys of experiencing winter quite the way we do (I am a transplant from just north and west of you - Manitoba). I have had southern visitors who wondered what -40C was in Fahrenheit (the temp reading on my dash). They were absolutely...
  9. I never thought I’d say this

    Up here in Alberta Canada, we had a very hot and dry summer. Plenty of days in June, July and August that hit 90-100F. We had no rain through much of late July/August, but now that harvest is here it’s come. I don’t look forward to winter. Autumn I love, but winter in Canada is both...
  10. Am I really this dumb?

    I think you are the first person I have heard say the Liberty is reliable! I almost bought my wife a used model a few years back but went to the Liberty Forum and all the owners were expressing their hatred… er… regret maybe for their purchase. Some were going so far as to scrap them rather...
  11. Love My New Willys Sport

    Sounds like tonnes of fun already! Congratulations on your new Jeep!
  12. Fishbone step sliders - reviews / impressions?

    Nothing to add. You nailed it.
  13. Jeep Wave

    Can’t say as I blame him. Even the “big” Bronco crowd would flip the Sport the bird. That abomination is just a Mexican Escape with a body kit and delusions of grandeur.
  14. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    It is. When something is stolen from you, it is because the thief recognized it’s value and coveted it. When something of yours is vandalized, it is because the vandal wanted to demonstrate their utter contempt for you and what you own. “This you have to understand. There's only one way to...
  15. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    Well yeah, but that’s Ford. seriously though, it does look to have started in the engine bay but a fire starting like this is suspicious. Hopefully it is accidental and not foul play. Watch out for yourself, just in case…
  16. Cracked one week in

    Does anybody have any testimonials on this product? Checking them out online, but wondering if any Forum Members can offer any insights. [edit]. Never mind. I went to the Exoshield website to find an authorized installer. They listed Calgary PPF as my closest installation center. Calgary PPF...
  17. Cracked one week in

    Me too. 1378 km on the odometer. Damn oncoming Semi intentionally speeding through the puddles and gravel on the shoulder throwing crap up everywhere. Whamo. The crack has already grown on the way back home. :(
  18. Which Packages / Options do you WISH you had ordered?

    If I understand the Owners manual correctly, additional features on the 8.4”, not the display itself (7” is plenty adequate in that department). The 8.4” opens up XM Guardian services… of course, I don’t know that I would actually pay what they want for those services after the 12 month free...
  19. Which Packages / Options do you WISH you had ordered?

    Tow package for the Aux switches, and 8.4” Uconnect radio instead of the 7” version.