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  1. Tazer Mini - To UnMarry or Not?

    Dear Awesome Jeepers, I couldn’t find anything in the instructions regarding unmarrying the device before unplugging it from vehicle to perform an update. Tonight I simply removed it without thinking. Should I plug it back in, unmarry it, and THEN perform the update to the Tazer? Or am I...
  2. Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur

    Great idea, thanks! I bet it was with the Windows software through Fusion as I tried a different cable already. I believe I’ll go with the “Parallels Desktop” as it’s apparently faster than Fusion. Problem solved!
  3. Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur

    I even hooked it up to my old MacOS 10.11.6 and did all the same steps to no avail. :crying:
  4. Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur

    Anyone out there with the Tazer Mini and MacOS Big Sur 11.5+? I’m trying to update the Tazer with the Z Automative Utility 1.6 but it doesn’t find the Tazer when connected. I downloaded and installed Mac 10.9+ supporting driver as well, but with with no luck.
  5. Foolish salesperson

    I’ve loved Jeep’s since the 90’s with my first YJ, then had a TJ, and now a JLUR. Before this forum I had no idea that my current Jeep was called a JLUR. I doubt any salesperson would know. Although my salesman knew all about the YJ and he even asked me if I was coming from a JK. He’s...
  6. BFG KM3 Impressions

    My BFGoodRich Mud Terrain KM3 LT325/60R20 tires measure… 34-3/8” @32 PSI JLUR as previously mentioned.
  7. BFG KM3 Impressions

    I’ll check when I am able and will get back to you. For now I’m running 32 PSI on a JLUR with Sky One Touch with no added heavy equipment (ie. Winch, etc).
  8. BFG KM3 Impressions

    I’ve got the KM3 35’s and love them. They’re not nearly as loud on road as I thought they’d be. And the traction I’m getting from them off road is amazing!
  9. Bought a 2021. Pick up next week. How to wash and care for soft top?

    Thanks for posting those links where it suggests vacuuming the dirt out first and using the correct brush. I would have never thought of vacuuming the fabric first.
  10. Bought a 2021. Pick up next week. How to wash and care for soft top?

    I have a couple bottles of the 303 sitting on my bench begging me to be applied, but I’ve been too lazy to tape around. Although…I just had a great idea of simply holding a large piece of cardboard over the body (for me it’s not going to be as much of a process as I’ve got the Sky One Touch...
  11. Bought a 2021. Pick up next week. How to wash and care for soft top?

    303 Marine Fabric Guard will help repel water and dirt for a few months per application on the canvas. You can see how well it works here… As for the auto car wash…I gladly stay up past my bedtime cleaning my vehicles by hand and stay far away from car washes. Depending on how dirty the...
  12. Black lock cylinder cover

    Oops…I misread that. :blush:
  13. Black lock cylinder cover

    Changing out a lock cylinder is pretty easy. Just make sure you pull out the little tabs in order and make sure you write down the order so that you can reuse your current key. There’s some great videos on YouTube if you’ve never done it before.
  14. 2.5" Lift Kits Short List for 2021 JLUR

    I love the way my wheels/tires/lift turned out. I’m in awe every time I look at it. Sometimes I just drop everything I’m doing so I can go have a look. 🤣. I’m sure you’ll like it too. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who opted for 20’s. 🤣 I’m sorry…I have no recommendations as to your...
  15. 2.5" Lift Kits Short List for 2021 JLUR

    20x10 with -19mm offset or 4.75” backspacing.
  16. My Testing of the IBS/IBM System

    That’s quite a write up. I’ll have to come back when I have some more time on my hands to read what you wrote. 😉
  17. 2.5" Lift Kits Short List for 2021 JLUR

    I put on the AEV DualSport 2.5 lift with a JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar and 35’s and it’s perfect IMO. Rides awesome on and off-road. I forgot to look at my bump stops in the following pictures, but I still had a few more inches of travel to tuck those tires in the wheel well, but ran out of...
  18. Bedlining Plastic Fenders

    The thought of bedlining my whole darn Jeep has crossed my mind more than a few times. 😌
  19. RPM Act H.R. 3281

    Well that could put a hamper to some fun. :crying: