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  1. White Rim Trail: 13-15 August 2021

    Thanks for the info, yeah I planned from the get-go for either mountain biking or hiking along the route, hence the longer trip period.
  2. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    A little late to the party I know, so to document for future searchers, it will need to be clearanced with a cutoff wheel/grinder approx 1/4 inch in that spot. End result below:
  3. White Rim Trail: 13-15 August 2021

    Thanks for the motivational pictures Bill, post MORE lol. Is that you in your Avatar? Salty...
  4. Pinch Seam. Cut, roll, or rear control arms?

    Sounds about right. It's usually how my Jeep projects turn out. At lease it feels like that but then after completing an install and you finally have a chance to step back and admire your handy work that feeling of relief, both mentally and financially finally makes it all worth it. You'll...
  5. White Rim Trail: 13-15 August 2021

    This has been on my bucket list for years now so back in March I paid for and reserved the below overnight campsites for the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. Right now it is just me and my girlfriend in the JL. If another vehicle would like to tag along, let me know by August 5th so...
  6. Finally getting some trail after the build - Bridgeport, TX

    Red was my first choice, looks awesome. How'd it go on the trail with the shakedown run, feel pretty good?
  7. CO Ketchup Build

    Appreciate the compliement, now I have more confidence in the steering on the trails!
  8. CO Ketchup Build

    Solo trip thru Rimrocker Trail; from Montrose, CO to Moab, UT. Then doubled back and explored lots of side trails. Epic trip, lots of beautiful scenery, bears, cows, and literally no humans:
  9. CO Ketchup Build

    Did a couple more solo trips in the JL. Headed up northwest of Denver and checked out Bunce School Road, Ironclads and the T33 plane crash, saw a couple moosie poohs on way back:
  10. CO Ketchup Build

    Went with the Doetsch Off-Road 2in aluminum tie rod and draglink kit. Ordered a Fox TS steering stabilizer and installed it during the tie rod install as well to get that thing up and out of the way. The stock draglink TRE didn't want to budge so when I have more time I'll pull the pitman arm...
  11. CO Ketchup Build

    In between a few trips to Oklahoma to help one of my best friends clear out some of his land for future construction I managed to add a few upgrades to the steering and then hit some trails. Did a quickie in Moab before @SPR Pumpkin Rubi from Skinny Pedal Racing came out to Colorado. We ran Holy...
  12. San Juan Badge of Honor trip planned Sept 7-10, would be nice to meet w/ a few others.

    I try and make it out to Ouray/Telluride once a year, you're picking an absolutely beautiful area to explore. I've driven all of those trails in a stock Rubicon and a couple times personally don't think you should have any problems. As the dates get closer maybe I'll be able to head out there...
  13. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    This exhaust kicks ass Mike. I've had it on for close to two weeks now and like you and everyone else that has provided info it really isn't that much more noticeable over stock, has a nice tone, and clearances the rear end better. I did have to clearance the crossmember that's included with...
  14. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Thanks for the feedback, pulled the trigger and placed an order. What skid plate are you running, any clearance issues? I have the Artec aluminum skid plate system that uses a new crossmember and the stock resonator kisses it on occasion.
  15. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Other than what’s in my build thread I really don’t but I’ll be sure to get some for you next time I hit a trail!
  16. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Still rock’n factory wheels on 37s
  17. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Who's had the Borla Climber Touring installed the longest? Experience any exhaust drone yet after putting decent mileage on it?
  18. Holly Cross - May 16th

    Sorry to hear. When you do make it out this way give me a shout. Holly Cross should be doable by then, or at least passable all the way to French Creek.
  19. Portable Air Compressors

    I don't have it hard mounted. Use it as advertised like the photo by taking it out, popping the hood, and hooking to battery terminals, then store it under the backseat after use. It comes with it's own storage bag which makes it even more convenient to manage the cable and air hose.
  20. Portable Air Compressors

    Been rocking this harbor freight version for awhile now. Cheap, fits under the back seat, and handles a 37 tire going from ~15psi to 30+ just fine. 12v 150 PSI Compact Air Compressor (