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  1. Reuse stock fender liner with aftermarket fender flares?

    Anything’s possible with enough effort. I’m sure you could cut them and remold them with a heat gun. But the way they are, from my understanding, they will not fit correctly. I just installled a set of AAL inner fenders and it was pretty easy. Didn’t have to drill anything and they fit great...
  2. If you had issues with the Bubbling Paint...let's get together

    I have the corrosion issue. But it’s not a dissimilar metal issue in my case. My hinges themselves are bubbling, not where they meet the door but where it says the torx but number. And also on the front edge of the hood, and right on the flat part of one of the rear doors. I’m starting to think...
  3. What’s your other car??

    74 C10 2 supermoto’s And a Honda CR-V. Don’t have any pictures of that one because it’s nothing special.
  4. Can’t take grill off with poison spyder crawler bumper

    So this is pretty much industry wide lol.
  5. Can’t take grill off with poison spyder crawler bumper

    We’ll that sucks. That bumper was a PITA to put on lol. My winch is just far enough that if the bumper wasn’t in the way I would be able to pull the grill off. If I ever have to pull the grill off again I’m gonna cut the back edge of the bumper off lol. What a terrible design flaw these...
  6. Can’t take grill off with poison spyder crawler bumper

    Hello, I was doing some wiring work this weekend for my turn signals and went to take the grill off. I shortly realized I cannot remove it all the way because the bottom of the grill is right up against my poison spyder crawler bumper. This is the best pic I have right now but you can see where...
  7. Anything out there for the trail rail yet?

    Are there any cool accessories out there for the trail rail system yet? I’d love to have a nice cooler or a tool box that snaps into the rails so I don’t have to strap them down.
  8. Running soft top in Chicago winter

    I’d be worried about heavy ice and snow sitting on that rear shelf and stretching it out. Unless there’s some support bows then that wouldn’t be an issue. Does it seal up completely?
  9. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Mine seems to be bubbling on just the hinges. No spread to the door yet. Also have a nice bubble on one of the doors not by any seam or anything and another on the front of the hood. Seems like the paint itself is reacting with the aluminum in my case. I’ve already been to the dealership about...
  10. White Smoke from Underneath Jeep after applying Fluid Film.

    It’s just the fluid film burning off. Try to avoid the exhaust next time
  11. Drastic Improved Steering Feel via Service bulletin is 08-074-20 REV. B

    I tried. My dealership denied it because my toe alignment was slightly off. Didn’t even offer to align it.
  12. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Love the flush mount! I think the red should go all the way around instead of stopping. Also if you offered just the plastic bracket with no lights and a hole to fit a grommet and 4” round light I’d totally ditch my motobilt tail light brackets for that. Yours looks so much smoother.
  13. Regearing to 4.88.. what oil do you guys use?

    That’s exactly what they did though. Got 2 separate temps during normal operation. Don’t ask me for the numbers because I don’t know but I wanna say they may know what they’re doing lol.
  14. Help! After reading so many forums I’m still undecided!

    Just do it. Get the 37s. You’re probably gonna want to regear for sure. At least 4.88s. People will tell you that you don’t need to, which is somewhat true, but life is much more enjoyable when your jeep drives like it’s supposed to. I will however say at least get a 44 up front in place of that...
  15. Regearing to 4.88.. what oil do you guys use?

    Okay I did a little digging. After the failures Currie built a special housing so they could measure the gear temp separately from the gear oil during operation. They found that when running synthetic oils the oil itself was cooler but the gears were running much hotter due to the synthetic oils...
  16. Regearing to 4.88.. what oil do you guys use?

    I’m no scientist and was full on synthetic for diffs too until I read that. Not sure how they came up with that conclusion but I don’t see a company like Currie just saying that for no reason. They did warranty all cases and took care of their customers when it happened though.
  17. Regearing to 4.88.. what oil do you guys use?

    I only use Dino oil in my diffs. Some companies out there state to only use regular oil with their gears. I believe Currie had a huge deal with their axles whining and having failures due to synthetic oil. They said the synthetic oil doesn’t transfer heat as well and caused lack of lubrication...
  18. Hard top rumble

    Maybe try pulling the freedom tops off and resetting them.
  19. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Hopefully! Let us know when you get them switched out