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  1. Tazer JL 11.2.6 beta 5 released

    Down load the beta version then use the utility and there ia a option to install it Manually on it. You have to find it usually in your download folder and select.
  2. Ohio WeatherTech front floor liners

    Are these for the four door jl? And do you have them still?
  3. Bestop Sunrider Issue

    Hello will this adjustment fix the leak I'm getting from the b-piller?
  4. 2 Door Dual Top Strategy

    Are you guys offering any discounts this year for the forum?
  5. (for those living in snow only): how often do you take your rig to the car wash in the winter?

    I usually hose the JL down a couple of times or use two water bucket to rinse it. The final wash is usually at a touchless auto wash never one of those brush auto wash a very easy way to get swirl marks. I dont wash under it because i have a thick coating of fluid film. I live in nyc as well...
  6. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Why not put your keys in one of those ez-pass bags they give you to kill any signal from leaving your home.
  7. Rubicon factory rake

    I have a sport s with a badland apex winch and a arcus bumper. Going to install rubi shocks and springs. The sport s shocks and springs have a even lower front rake stance then the rubicon. What spacer should i use. I dont want to install it twice and measure to check what kind of spacers i...
  8. Jeep Build & Price now show pictures of half doors!!!

    I was wondering how they would cover up the window they look very nice. But after seeing the soft top back window scratches my OCD will kick in having that right next to me.
  9. I hate Adaptive Cruise and Early Collision Warning - can they be disabled?

    I had it on a 2017 crv it had plenty of false full stops but i was able to shut it down. The only thing i do miss is you can activate it during stop and go traffic nyc highway traffic jam it was a treat having it. But quickly found out the glass replacement when i did get a crack was going to be...
  10. Tazer issues

    I am a little confused? Dont you just double tap the mute button to get the always on back up camera and also what about thr turn brain hurts trying to figure out what you want.
  11. Transmission Gripe, When Using a Car Wash.

    If you care about your jeep you wont take it to those places. Mess up your paint real good only wash it yourself or those touchless washes or even hosing it down is better after a snow strom. I cringe so hard when I see a brand new jeep going through those washes. Anyway ignore this message if...
  12. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Hard pass $77k for a jeep nah not counting tax plates dmv fees and in some big city luxury tax that number will be close or over $100k i rather LS swap a sport. Or get a raptor or trackhawk.
  13. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    The error was online its gone now. You can only get it at the store for that price since the manager has to manually put that price on the computer.
  14. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    HF had made a website error two days ago and listed their apex 12000 for $375. People including myself were walking into the store and price matching the website prices and some people were actually also able to double dip with the 25% coupon and also getting it for, get this $281 Which that is...
  15. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    Looking for a good winch that wont rub against the grill i off-road one or twice a year so.
  16. Wrangler in the winter?

    Driving back from Maryland after picking up a four door sport s. I noticed very strong heat but shortly after shutting the heat down it got very cold again. So it was a constant on and off battle. The climate control only seem to have two settings lukewarm and desert fire. No in-between. The...
  17. DEF Pump went out!

    LMAO good one but no its not a jeep thing. Def systems are a pain delete and you get longer engine life better mpg more power more money since you ain't buying def less problems. Well at least on all the trucks i know. Also the emissions gets better numbers on the dmv tests. Con: you get more...
  18. JLU Diesel - def shelf life? Throttle lag?

    Late to the party a word of caution as winter is coming closer make sure you dont let the def get lower than half. Our diesel trucks def tanks freeze up if its very low and very cold out. I know it has a def heater but we had those fail on us too. So keep a spare gallon of def in a warm place...
  19. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I own a tractor trailer with all that emission crap. You couldn't pay me enough to get a jeep with it as well. If i did get one that's the first thing i would delete.
  20. Break-in period, who follows it?

    I just didnt floor it as much feather the throttle that should be enough. Did that for about a month