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  1. PowerBass 7"

    Interested as well, did you end up with these 7" in the knee panels?
  2. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Exactly my thoughts. If there is ever significant evidence that an FI system works on the JL's 3.6 reliably under varying conditions in the continental US I will sign right up. Until then these FI companies and their silent responses to all of the nightmare stories can keep their kits.
  3. Hamburger's Supercharger..?

    Looking at the vid and the picture, you need to cut up the filter box, lower the sway bar (not sure how this would work with a Rubicon) and weld the oil cooler behind whatever bumper you are running... I don't see how this could become the official Jeep supercharger with that much hacking up.
  4. Stealth Light Bar

    This is great news!! I can't wait to order mine :-)
  5. Stealth Light Bar

    Any news on this? I have adaptive cruise control and would love two small light bars on each side of the cruise control camera module behind the rearview mirror.
  6. Trackbar relocation bracket needed?

    Does relocating the rear trackbar reduce flex due to reduced clearance between the track bar and the body or something else? I am considering relocating my rear trackbar for drivability (MC rear trackbar) but don't want to give up flex.
  7. Soft top color change

    I have a Black premium twill soft top on my JLUR I'd love to trade with you.
  8. ROAM JL 1350 F&R Driveshafts

    Did you guys ever bring this package out to market?
  9. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    In theory, yes. For some reason, these adjustments seem to be tricky to dial in on the new pentastar with the higher compression ratio. I am sure FI vendors have a very good idea of what adjustments to make to allow for environmental variables and varying octane availability and would gladly...
  10. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    I think it's easier to get FI right at sea level especially where octane that's 91 and above is basically guaranteed.If you did a trip up to 8000+ ft elevation and got locally sourced fuel with the highest octane available and had no troubles I'd be willing to take my Jeep to your shop. Driving...
  11. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Please let us know if this gets resolved. Crossing my fingers for you!
  12. New Mexico WTT: JLU Premium Twill Black Soft Top for Premium Tan Soft Top

    I'm near Albuquerque and want to change up my JLUR premium black soft top for a premium tan soft top. Willing to travel to do trade. My black soft top is used and in excellent condition.
  13. I did it! I did it! I did it!!!

    How did you do it? I want to do my diffs as well.
  14. Hamburger's Supercharger..?

    I agree, especially for an application such as this. I really don't care about peak numbers,I rather see off idle response up to 4k RPM.
  15. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Someone on FB has one on their 2 door Mojito. They state, "it runs like a raped ape." No vids or dyno sheet though.
  16. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    I know, I'm not worried about losing HP, just want gobs of torque under the curve starting real early. A heavy-duty belt setup would take care of reliability. It would be a small price to pay for a significant increase in torque where it matters most and cheaper than a V8 swap.
  17. Hamburger's Supercharger..?

    Does anyone have any experience with Hamburger's? Just came across it, had never heard of it. Similar setup to RIPP it looks like.
  18. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    It does make sense, I want peak PSI at the lowest RPMs as possible. Since superchargers run off the crank speed, reaching the peak PSI very early on mens the supercharger will surpass that peak with increased engine speed. Like you mentioned, these build up quickly at low RPMs and that's what i...
  19. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    I'd run the smallest pulley and vent at 7PSI to build boost as fast as possible and leave headroom for safety..just want the low end torque. I'm looking forward to seeing some feedback on real world usage traveling through changing altitudes and octane availability.
  20. Tazer finally allows video on the 8.4" using an Amazon Firestick

    Any way to get this on Android??? This is awesome!