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  1. Clutch - can barely feel it.

    Your 2020 has an entirely different trans/clutch package than your 17. I've driven many different trans packages and every one was vastly different...even between cars of the same type/year. The clutch IS very light. I have gotten used to mine and I kind of like it.....very easy on my beat up...
  2. New York Sold: 2018 JL Rubicon plastic rear bumper with red tow hook

    2018 JL Rubicon plastic rear bumper with red tow hook. Pick up only on Long Island $75
  3. Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum rear bumper

    Correct. There is no cutout like on the stock bumper. If you had a smaller tire, it might be NARROW enough that it wouldnt matter. But 33s wont work without their carrier which just relocates the stock carrier up and away.
  4. Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum rear bumper

    It isnt much. It didnt work with the stock 33s on my Rubicon
  5. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    Right...but by design, a torque converter separates the output of the engine and the input of the tranny gears with it is simply like feathering the clutch with a higher revving motor to keep it in the sweet spot electronically. Im not talking drag racing here so i dont care about...
  6. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    i have no complaints about mine at all....and certainly no complaint with the manual tranny. I think it is great and the super low first kinda negates the lack of low end torque of the motor. Wish it had a bit more juice between 1000 and 2000 rpm. Bit it is what it is. I still love my Rubicon...
  7. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    The auto has a torque converter, which is a bit of a game changer as it allows the gutless minivan motor to rev and stay in the power band. New manual owners take a while to figure out that you gotta rev it to use it properly. I goose the throttle once before i take off in first. The motor is...
  8. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    Torque?! There is none because they put a minivan motor in it instead of a truck motor.
  9. Newbie with a beach driving question

    @JJT-NC, as long as you stay off the highway and dont heat the tires, youll be fine for 3 days at 20psi. Certainly air up if you will be driving fast. Id run my BFGs all summer every year at 15-20lbs around town. Aired up for the highway, though
  10. Newbie with a beach driving question

    Sand flea is do NOT want mud tread for a sand truck. The idea is to float not dig. A 2 door jeep with all terrain tread nittos puts very little weight per sqaure inch on the sand so you dont have an issue. That suburban puts waaay more weight per square inch of tread on the...
  11. How do the Michelin LTX M/S2 street tires do in the snow?

    I run them on my 07 sequoia. For 99.9% of what most people see in winter they are amazing for a non-dedicated winter tire like a nokkian or blizzak. They easily beat out my ko2s on all facets of on-road driving....until you get in the really deep stuff like 8"+ of snow. Highly recommend.
  12. Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum rear bumper

    This what you need?
  13. Newbie with a beach driving question

    If you dont have a winch and you get stuck and cant back it out, the most valuable tool you can have is a 1ft piece of 2x12.. Dig down so you can fit your jack under jeep....put 2x12 under jack to give firm footing...jack up....fill hole under tire...jack down. Now, let the air out that you...
  14. Aluminum Bumper Safety

    the 'steel' in the plastic one is just a hair thicker than Reynold's Wrap aluminum foil. it isnt transferring any energy is just gonna go pop! depending on what you buy, the aluminum can be pretty thick. i know the rockhard4x4 one would take quite a wallop to shear it and it will...
  15. Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum rear bumper

    Just the angle
  16. Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum rear bumper

    well, like a dope, i didnt realize it til after i had the bumper on and tried to close the rear door! quick order to get the carrier. i, too, wish they had put the cut out in. after spending so much coin, i didnt want to spend another $150 but it is what it is.. and i am happy with the quality