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  1. Anyone irritated by the size of the footwell?

    If you guys drove on the right side of the road you wouldn’t have this problem! ;)
  2. Chrysler not honoring warranty?

    So the warranty is worthless? Doesn't appear that you know jack shit! Hope no one is listening to this emotional horse shit you unload.
  3. Hothead headliner installation warning

    Not sure why you think they lack customer service. They buy the sound assassin strips in bundles from the manufacturer and that's how they sell them. They were willing to help but you didn't like the way they wanted to help. You can't go into a store and buy 2 slices of bread, you can't take...
  4. How is Radiator Leak not a recall?

    I don’t think this is very common. I’ve been on this forum for 3 years and haven’t seen much talk. My 2 2018’s have no issues.
  5. Jeep's response to Silver VS gold tailgate Plates

    You just don't get it. The Bill of Material changed didn't happen until the date indicated, therefore the vehicle was technically built correctly on the line because that's the part it called for. It was either a planned release or release pending due to the new plate arrival date. I'm very...
  6. Remote Windows

    No offense, but how would anyone answer this question? I think you are on a quest with no destination. They'll be plenty of speculation but no real answer.
  7. No Jeep waves here :(

    This is roughly the 30th thread on Jeep Waving. Is that really what floats your boat? Ford owners don't wave at Ford owners, Chevy owners don't wave a Chevy owners and yet they somehow don't have mental breakdowns but Wrangler owners do! Here you go: Don't wave anymore and when someone...
  8. Non-Wrangler Owners Ask the Dumbest Questions

    The dumbest threads keep on coming! Why would anyone waste their time on this?
  9. Jeep offer Commando color for 2022

    it wouldn't make any difference if 40,000 people were with you, Jeep does what it want's to do! Take a look at how many things they could improve on and the rants (with big numbers) on this forum that mean absolutely nothing to them. Good luck with your crusade!
  10. Under Hood Heat

    Sorry, I loaded the convertible accidentally, directly underneath is my Rubicon with the SBC scoops. The convertible that came with a 4 cylinder now has an LS3 V8 that runs really good!
  11. Under Hood Heat

    Before I installed the forward looking SBC scoops I opened up the standard vents and you could see the heat rise from both when you parked. The vehicle seemed to run at the same temperature but cooled down faster when parked. The scoops did nothing for performance and never leaked any water...
  12. Under Hood Heat

    You're absolutely right, brother!! Paint is originally baked at close to 400 degrees at the factory.
  13. Under Hood Heat

    Oh, so you mean these? See attached. I’ve had them since 2019, absolutely love them.
  14. Under Hood Heat

    Well without getting too crazy I would say that the insulation is to withstand the environment it's in. Why would they build something that would melt, catch fire or self destruct that goes under a hood? So: "Guess the engineers didn't know what they created and my brother and his...
  15. Under Hood Heat

    Well you can combinate any horseshit of thermodynamic variables that you like but I have checked this with engineers at Stellantis (my brother has been an engineer there for 30 years) and it is added for noise reduction. If you don't believe it, go to the Jeep JL accessories catalog and you'll...
  16. Under Hood Heat

    The hood pad has nothing to do with heat and paint, it’s a sound insulation pad. The paint gets hotter in the sun than from underneath. on the JL it also serves to route vent water to the edge of the hood for disposal. I’ve taken my pad and sent it to the recycler and cut the sides out of...
  17. Any suggestions for 17x9 +12 wheel fitment on a sport with 315/70s?

    That's exactly I have on my Rubicon. I bought Fuel Assault wheels with the specs you gave and have had no problems at all.
  18. Warranty Heads Up. Not Always Dealers Fault

    Is that why you're always getting so much shit from them? :CWL: