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  1. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    I would check them out too, I just looked at their site and seems legit. I looked at higher quality ones myself, the ones I found required me to buy several other decals that would work on a '77, but they don't fit the JL, so it was going to be wasted. If you go the 'factory quality' route, one...
  2. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    I bought it from Etsy here so far so good. I usually hand wash, but in the winter, I use a regular car wash to get the salt off (I live in Michigan) and it has fully held up. the colors are fading a little bit, but, it matches the dirt and dust and scratches on the rest of the jeep ;) I took...
  3. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Sure thing: I'm happy with them... except when the kids mess with them and I go to use them and I light up the treeline...
  4. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    I've got the pin stripes on the list next. Wheels I gotta save up for for a bit... but I fully agree with your suggestions :) Thx!
  5. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    I used this mount: I chose that specifically due to the "no drill" solution, and I am a total novice at this sort of thing. Only problem, this mount requires you to drill. You have to use a 10mm drill bit (who has that...
  6. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Sorry, I had one more angle I forgot to post, I think this is the one that really brings it all together :) GO BLUE!!!!
  7. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Wheels are on the wish list... I'm not sure it's an option, but I wonder if I can just get mine colored? Feel like that may not work out quite as well as the decal....
  8. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    Thanks to everyone on this thread, I ended up going with this option... I love how it turned out :) I posted some pix on this thread. Thx!!! J
  9. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Thanks to some help from members on this forum, I was able to track down some options for finishing my Black and Tan. I'm quite certain, this was the intention of FCA... at least this was the only thing I could think of when I saw the package. I had the '77 as a matchbox car when I was a kid...
  10. Black & Tan Edition JL Club Thread

    Loving the white, and that sting looks very good too, much better that I would have thought. And I won't even comment on the "first" look as I've had my 2020 since August :)
  11. Which soft top? Humm?

    I got the Black and Tan wich has the premium sun rider top. Its really nice, and I see no need to ever fully remove it since it folds away so nicely. We had the side panels and doors off for the first 6 weeks we owned it, and that top was perfect. Also, I second that mopar bag, definitey worth...
  12. Hood Insulation

    I'm going to be doing the same for the same reason. Any tips for removing the insulation or the bumpers?
  13. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    Thanks again for the help and support here. Just a quick update, I've spoken to a local custom graphics shop and send them some of the links above, and they will be working on a quote for me. I also spoke to Chris at Phoenix Graphix based on the link above. That kit is for the original. but...
  14. Calculator: gear ratio, tire size, speed, etc.

    Dude. This is so good. I was literally going to ask if someone had something like this. Thank you so much!!!! Honestly, seems to explain a lot. Seriously, thank you for taking the time to do this and to share it!
  15. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    This is looking pretty good! Thank you! I'll also check for local vinyl shops. That's a good idea. I'm not finding anyone that is made specifically for the JL hood. Thx!!
  16. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    Too big for them. Here's what they said "I don't get into large vinyl and stripes like this at the moment. It takes too much time away from trying to get the smaller stuff I am popular for out the door. Thanks for the opportunity but I will have to pass on this one." Very impressed with how...
  17. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    That's fantastic. I had not really considered getting the stripes too. It looks like this is for a vintage Jeep if I'm reading it correctly. So I'll need the custom version of this kit... which I'll be asking pixel decals if they can do just that :)
  18. Looking for help getting a (Golden Eagle) hood decal

    I got my 2020 Black and Tan, and I want to get Golden Eagle hood decals for it. Does anyone know who can help me make this happen? This is what I'm going for, for reference: This is my JL, because why not post a pic of it: I want to get the eagle and the words. Any leads on this would be...
  19. Heated seats and steering wheel?

    Bought my first jeep last month, I use the heated seats and steering wheel pretty regularly. Top down and doors off can get a touch chilly at times, but my family (and i) live it, so we'll just put on a hoodie and rock. The seat and steering wheel warning is really nice to have. Also, just...